November 2023 COTM - Voting

Here is the voting post for the November Cookbook of the Month. I decided to count Saregama’s provisional nomination to make this a two-way vote. So without further ado, here are your choices:

BRYANT TERRY MONTH will include Terry’s two non-vegan books Black Food and Grub: Ideas for an Urban Organic Kitchen (not indexed on EYB), as well as his four vegan books, Vegetable Kingdom, Afro-Vegan, Vegan Soul Kitchen, and The Inspired Vegan.

DINNER IN ONE: Exceptional & Easy One-Pan Meals, by Melissa Clark

To vote, click the knife-and-fork icon at the lower right of the comment below that corresponds to your preferred selection. You may only vote once, for one selection. If you wish to change your vote, within a brief window you can click the knife-and-fork again to “unlike” the comment. After that window closes, you will need to make a comment indicating the change and with your new choice in ALL CAPS.

Please vote with the intention of cooking along and reporting if your selection should become our COTM.

Please do NOT reply to the voting comments. Engage in discussion by replying to this post instead.

Voting will close on Tuesday, October 24, at 5pm EDT.

To vote for BRYANT TERRY MONTH, click the knife-and-fork icon at the lower right of this comment.


To vote for DINNER IN ONE, click the knife-and-fork icon at the lower right of this comment.


Voting closes today at 5pm EDT!

Voting is now closed. Our November COTM will be DINNER IN ONE, by Melissa Clark. I’ll put up a reporting thread on the first of the month. In the meantime, use this thread for discussion as you prepare to cook from the book.


I’d love to hear what folks who have cooked from this book recommend or have bookmarked to try

I have a fair number marked to try, but have already made 3: cheesy baked pasta with tomatoes, sausage, and ricotta. We loved this. I used impossible sausage, and it makes a ton. We were able to get 2 dinners out of it, which is rare around here. Lemony turkey and white bean soup - made this for beanapalooza. Lulu and I loved it. Roasted tuna with brown butter corn, tomatoes, and chili. Roasting tuna has always scared me off a bit, because I like it pretty rare and worry it won’t appeal to me if overcooked (reminds me too much of pork chops when overcooked). But she gives good timings for this (I slightly overcooked it because LLD thought it looked too raw and made me put it back for more time). The brown butter is so good in this, and it was another big hit. I believe all of these are available on the NYT recipe site, if you have access to that but not the book.


I can get the book from the library and yes I have the NYT (which is also why I generally have Melissa Clark fatigue :joy: and asked the qs)

Thanks for the recommendations! What do you have flagged to try?

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The list is a full page long.

I started out not being a fan, but when 2 of her books were COTM on Chowhound, I bit the bullet and bought one. I made a lot from it, and really liked most of it. So I bought the other one. Same. And since then I’ve bought almost every one (not the slow cooker one, because I don’t have a slow cooker).

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I went ahead and put the reporting thread up a couple days early, because I’m going to be really busy over the next couple days, and didn’t want to be late with it. So here you go:

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