Notifications Issue

@hungryonion My notifications suddenly blew up with old threads I did not subscribe to, for regions I don’t follow.

I’m talking pages and pages of notifications from old threads (2015-2022).

When I look at “Latest” instead, none of these threads appear.

Is there a site issue? If @moderators adjust tags does it trigger a notification (it shouldn’t but I’ve noticed this before)?

Here’s the first and last page of my notifications, and a pic of sort by Latest.

Thank you

Please see the following topic.

Category reorganization - Site Discussions - Hungry Onion

But why is reorganizing Categories switching threads to “Watched” status for people who don’t follow those regions or threads?

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Do you follow ‘Rest of US and World’? Most of the topics that changed categories are from that category.

No, I have only New York City.