Category reorganization

Doing a bit of housecleaning with the regional category organizations. The organization had always been a bit funky with a number of US regions lumped with the rest of the world. This effort attempts to group regions that are geographically close (relatively, at least compared to the rest of the World) together:

New Orleans-> New Orleans, the South
Midwest-> Midwest, Mountain West
Texas->Texas, Southwest
Rest of US and World-> Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Rest of World

You may get notifications on old discussions that moved from rest of US and World to their new respective categories.


I would think Hawaii, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and anything else subject to US Government might be better as a separate category from the Rest of The World category? Just 2 cents.


Thank you

Wouldn’t it be easier to further resolve the lumping of ROW regions too?

There may not be a lot of posting / activity to date, but as people have started traveling again, maybe it it would encourage sharing if there were some differentiation.

For eg

  • Hawai, PR, caribbean (“north American beach vacation” theme as it were)
  • Mexico, central & South America
  • Africa
  • Rest of Europe (ex Italy, Spain, Portugal, France)

(That’s still missing plenty which gets lumped into Rest of World until someone really wants something there differentiated.)


We’ll have to see about activities. Having a category by itself doesn’t necessarily encourage activities. In fact, having a quiet category discourages activities. We’ve seen frequently in the past a category for a specific geo is requested, and then nothing happens for a year.

Organization-wise I am totally with you. Just I am weary of too many dead categories.


Minor recategorizations:
Hawaii, PR, Rest of World

1 Rest of Europe
2 Americas, Middle East, Africa

the category icons at the top of the screen will be updated at some point.



So Hawai, PR are now with Middle East & Africa?

Thanks for the “Rest of Europe” category. 'bout time.


Hawaii and PR are now with Americas, Middle East & Africa. The Caribbean also, though it isn’t explicitly called out.

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I see Hawaii and Polynesia, south Pacific a different region than the Caribbean and Atlantic, but different than Micronesia, Australia, etc

The more micro the categories, the more fractured the posts will be.
If there’s only 1 post every 6 months, is it really worth it to have a separate category?

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I see.

Its certainly an improvement to carve out more of Europe.
Does Turkey fit with rest of Europe or the Middle East in this new categorization?

I agree.

That’s why I’ve always advocated for a “earth” category.


Turkey is its own entity. A foot in Europe and the rest of its body in Asia.

Turkey stands alone. :joy:

(Same logic for Russia, imo)