Notice food trucks are as expensive than many restaurants now?

Have you noticed that many food trucks are selling foods as much as or even more than some lower-end diners now? What is your thought on this?

Gas is expensive?


So is product. And so is vibe and hype. In SF, there are a handful of food truck “parks” or groupings that serve upscale sandwiches and plates at prices comparable to storefront prices. Each venue seems to find its customer.


Very much my experience too. Like $15 taco (a taco) that kind of food truck.


In Lodi, where the clientele demands pretty authentic and generous product, $3.00 gets us a double tortilla taco (although I prefer a single tortilla), meat, onion, cilantro, pico de gallo plus a jalapeno, cibollitoas assadas, lime and radish. $2.50, the same without the grilled onion. Plus the sellers are delightful.


The $12 (maybe 12 not 15) is one of those artisan lobster taco or something like that. Long story short, these days there are a many artisan food trucks which are not selling inexpensive foods.

Seems like a good deal to me. How much for a breakfast burrito (which is one of my favs from a truck)?

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Not sure. I have noticed a bump in burrito prices at our trucks. Used to be under $5, now $8-9. Not as huge as the SF footballs, but always more than husband consumes at one sitting.


The food trucks I have tried have not been very good and way overpriced. Eating while standing in the elements with paper/plastic should not cost the same as a restaurant.


In the UK, “street food” is very much a thing, with regular events such as this one which takes place at a nearby town:

It’s an opportunity for premium pricing by the traders and, in my view, they take very full advantage of it. I have been to the event once but, with no seating, standing up to eat dinner is not my idea of a “good night out”.


I’m bad with my money but $15 for a taco is not likely something I’d do. Nor is standing in line to pay for one.


It’s my sense, and only conjecture, that at least here in SF an average sandwich is around $9 - $10. Those who buy lunch out are inured to this price point and choose between an American sandwich, Viet banh mi, burrito, all of which have slithered into this price range because it isn’t questioned.

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They have done it for a long time

$15 for a single taco i not something i’d pay in a sit-down place either. that’s ludicrous.


Thoughts? I think they’re charging what they need to charge to stay in business while using quality ingredients and being able to attract/retain staff with a living wage.

Sure, the commissary kitchen they actually cook at rents for less than a nice brick and mortar spot, but the truck itself is not cheap and everything else costs the same, plus gas.


Haven’t food trucks always been more expensive.

I’ve always felt food trucks were one of the biggest scams ever – at least in terms of offering a “cheaper” alternative.

Maybe more convenient, but you pay $$$ (and more $$$) for that convenience.


No reason to be surprised at all that prices are up……… everywhere. Every trip to the supermarket or gas station tells you they are. .

After a bunch of poke shops closing (pre-Covid) my favorite made it though but has now raised its prices twice in the last 6 months. Around 25% in total at this point. BUT, when I check other areas (not nearby) they’re actually 15-20% below those places. Poke may not make the rotation quite as often now, but I’m glad I still have my favorite.


I think we need to define and separate upscale specialty food trucks from “taco trucks”. I have always found the former expensive, sometimes well worth the tab, othertimes a rip-off. But we have always found, within variation, the food at taco trucks to be well made and reasonable, note the number of truck drivers and local laborers in line and at table.

Lunch for us (2), a burrito, two tacos and an horchata averages $16. Not bad for the quality and quantity.


Wow- that’s pricy. my husband got a gyro at a street fair in March- lots of trucks there, and they charged him $18, which here is quite extravagant. I understand they had to pay for the space and the fuel, etc, but still…

I hate to say I totally agree with you, but I do. The novelty has long since worn off and the food, here at least, is usually subpar. And universally WAY overpriced.