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I find this new (and only) poutine restaurant intriguing. A lawyer goes to Canada and falls in love with poutine. He returns to his Houston home and tells his sister of this amazing food in the frozen north. Together they recreate the experience and open a dedicated restaurant on or around June 1, 2018.

Tubs Poutine

Bryan Caswell’s house was struck by lightening last night, and fortunately no one was hurt and the resulting fire was contained. Of note, he and his wife were at Reef at the time, so I guess they really are working on reopening it. The website says late November.

Wow! It was pretty tame out here where I live.

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@shrinkrap had quite a show from a midtown hotel last night. Gotta feel bad for the Caswells though. If you watch the video, the reporter doesn’t recognize them. :joy:

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I guess this qualifies as notable. Sounds interesting to me anyway.

This is the intersection of Westheimer and Fountainview. There’s a Chinese restaurant there, a karaoke bar and Zabak’s, famous for their falafel, in that center.

I just came here to post this! I am totally jazzed! I discovered Peking Duck late in life and it’s a real treat to get the duck at Fung’s Kitchen. The history behind this one is amazing. I’ll be going when it calms down. Looks like Westheimer @ Fountain View.

I tried out the new Classic Diner in the space on Washington Ave that was recently Benjy’s. I like the clean bright retro dining room. The menu has an Asian flair due to the chef’s Asian heritage. I had the taramasalata starter, the Greek fish roe dip, served with pita slices, and loved it. The crispy rice salad was less exciting but was a riot of flavors. A little too much raw ginger for me. My friend who is a gravlax fan got the house smoked salmon and said it was very good. We shared the Kennebec fries, double cooked. They needed more salt and some pepper, both of which are missing from all the tables. Ditto Chalupa or some other appropriate hot sauce. I mean, it’s a diner, right?

I’d like to try the breakfast, open 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. or so. Full bar.

Classic All-Day Diner

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That should read Cholula of course.

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So ‘classic’ refers to the decor but not the menu??? Kinda strange, it strikes me. Love the stools at the counter! I wanna sit there.

I looked at the breakfast menu first and thought it was pretty short for a diner menu. Then I looked at the all-day menu - wow.

i guess ‘carefully curated’ would be the term?

Still, I like Local Foods so much I bet I’d like this.

I wonder if the s&p was on a condiments bar? That’s the way they do it at LF as I remember. That’s counter service, though.

Thanks for the very early review.

I’m having a moment. VooDoo Donuts of Portland, OR and
Killen’s of Pearland, TX are both opening on Washington Ave soon. If you see Killen ask him to please keep the Hickory Hollow Hot Tots with chicken gravy dipping sauce (Jalapeno Potato Puffs) on his menu since he’s keeping some of the HH fare.

Life is indeed good.

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I don’t know whether to put this under patio, sandwiches or new restaurants, but I like the patio so maybe I’ll remember it has one if I put it here.

Rather, it’s new so I’ll put it here.

EaterHouston’s update on Carmelo’s.

I have kept up with this place because when the dinosaurs roamed the earth my man-slave and I celebrated with friends at our post-nuptial feast here. I consider it an anniversary gift that it is reborn of the B&B brothers. Just before they closed and began tearing out walls (inside and out, I drove by and waved at the “leaning tower” inside the wall-less building recently), we ate a final meal there and were given a grand tour of imminent remodel plans. I think it will be a great place in West H-town for lots of people. There has been mention of a food truck with kid food like fried chicken (NOT KID FOOD) and such. So I don’t see mention of that here.

Anyway, my advice: don’t bother opening until that road widening is done, and April seems soon and an unworthy confidence in TXDOT.

If all this seems unintelligible, my humble apologies. Happy hour on the porch at BRIO at City Centre ended a dastardly day.

Also, hoping Senior Oyster has continued to convalesce at Chez Oyster and is now leaping tall buildings with the most patient tender of patients, wifeacita.

Totally gave up on Brucesw at this point, I think he clicked the “opt out” button. :disappointed_relieved: Rejection is hard for me y’all, keep that in mind.

But seriously, WHAT ARE YOU EATING?

Another Eater update for Carmelo’s. It’s reopened now under its new trappings and nameplate.

I’m sure you haven’t been yet Lambsy, or you would have shared, so hie thee hence and dish!

@jcostiones and/or @wifecita : Let us hear from y’all. I’m getting a wee bit concerned.

(Was it something I said?)

I just heard this earlier today from a friend! I’m very excited. I will definitely be hitting it soon. BTW, wifacita says they’re having some technical difficulties with the computer.

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Thx and thx.

We are still having computer issues in the jostiones place. Now, the new mouse has to be programmed. I have access at work ssshh…


The James Coney Island on Highway 6 betwixt Briar Forest and Westheimer is now LA Crawfish Shack. I don’t know if it’s related to La Fisheria down the street or LA Crawfish minichain, either or neither.

JCI used to have a kids-eat-free one night a week and my son and I used to go there when he was in a private elementary school on I-10. He’s 29 now, so it was there a loooooooong time.

The Doner Kabob place across the street has finally given up and closed. It was a good place but never found its audience, (so to speak).

Last but not least, I’ve been meaning to tell y’all that Aldi is building out to go into the old Ace Hardware store at Westheimer and Tanglewilde in the center with Houston Jewelry at one end and Los Tios at the other.

I love Aldi and this wll be the first one I’ve seen in an in-line space, as opposed to a free standing building.

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There’s a La Fisheria on Hwy 6? Is it the same as the downtown eatery opened by the Mexican chef?

Hurry back Los Ostiones, we miss the tales of feedings.

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Apparently, the one on Highway 6 is “La Fisherman”.

My bad.

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There’s another seafood place down that Hwy 6 way that txredtop drives a fer piece to get to, called Mike’s.

But locking in your customers? Wat da hek.

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