Notable Openings - Houston

Openings left and right and every which way you turn:

Hunky Dory - former Feast chef Richard Knight’s British fare. Article, slide show and a link to the website.

State of Grace - Houston native Chef Ford Fry returns to his hometown with his first venture since making a name for himself in Atlanta:


Fishmonger extra-ordinaire PJ Stoops opens his Northern and Northeastern Thai restaurant, Foreign Correspondents in The Heights (opened last night)


Lee’s Fried Chicken and Donuts, Corkscrew BBQ’s brick and mortar place in Old Town Spring, and I’m missing a few.

Anybody have any plans? I definitely want to hit Hunky Dory and Foreign Correspondents - giving ‘em a couple of weeks to get it together.

This might be a good place to note that Bramble, Randy Rucker’s new place on Voss, is now open for lunch as well as dinner.


Right behind it on Del Monte is The Del, a new spot by Shepherd Ross, (Glass Wall). It is now open for dinner.

The Del

It’s right across the street from Arturo Boada’s place.

Arturo Boada

That’s a pretty good lineup for a fairly nondescript corner. Especially when you kick in Roegle’s BBQ and Far East, (a personal fave).

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More on Foreign Correspondents.

I used to regularly shop at his Total Catch Market on Saturdays. I’m really looking forward to trying this.

Foreign Correspondents nominated as one of Bon Appetit’s Top 50 new restauants - Houstonia.

I still haven’t made it up there. :disappointed:

I had dinner at the new State Fair (formerly Pour Society) and the menu was fun and diverse.

I had the yellowfin tuna sandwich with pickle dip on the side. The carrot cake was from Petite Sweets and was anything but. It weighed about 2 lbs it seemed.

Menu. Good enough to return.

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Is that a yellowfin tuna salad? Hmmmm.

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I also tried the new Ginger & Fork’s newer lunch menu. The food was quite good and the recommended spicy “Hot Child in the City” cocktail was also very good. The owners collaborated with a bartender at the infamous Dead Rabbit in lower Manhattan to create the craft cocktail menu. Super friendly owners and a great patio for when (if) the weather cools off.

Ginger & Fork

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The carrot cake is apparently by Suzie’s and “available at Petite Sweets”, and it looks damned delicious.

With all due respect, the tuna fish sandwich looks like a tuna fish sandwich, but the photo of that carrot cake just added ten pounds and two inches to my waist.

Ye, the waiter referred to PS, but technically that is right. I ate that cake for a few days and finally threw away most of it. Yikes.

I was expecting a slab of tuna, but the salad was a good alternative.

The Blind Pig has opened in the old Rioja space. (I think I mentioned it in the “CLOSED” thread vis a vis Rioja.)

Looks good. I’ll let you know. :wink:

Looks good, interested to hear your experience. And it’s Saturday!

Blind Pig

And then…Stoops and Wife are gone. I never made it - they never got around to adding lunch service.

Sad to read this.

Kitchen 713 re-opening in the Washington corridor next week.

I was always intrigued by the reviews of this place when it was over on Canal but never made it. I wasn’t clear if there was a dining room or it was only to go and that’s a bit far from my base.

With the departure of PJ and Apple Stoops, Foreign Correspondents closed its doors as of last night. Stoops has tweeted today that he and his wife don’t intend to abandon their dream and will be back.

Hmmmm. Maybe the Heights isn’t the center of the foodie universe after all??? Maybe they should relocate out in Chinatown (much closer to me!)

Kiran’s returns this week! Maybe I’ll make it to the second Kiran’s, I missed the first!


The pictures look awfully good. I’ll look forward to your report … with lots of pictures:yum:

Snooze the breakfast eatery is building out space in Town & Country.

I tried this place out and was really impressed. I love the fusion of flavors - soul food with spices of Thailand and India. It is in the old TQLA space between Les Givral and Miyako with convenient parking garage in back.

The wing appetizer was delicious, big fat spicy wings with a fish sauce for dipping and a hunk of fried Thai basil sitting atop. The price seemed out of line with the other lunch pricing at $16 but I’d order it again!

I had the catfish tikka masala which was spicy fried catfish over basmati rice with spinach, grape tomatoes and thinly sliced fingerling potatoes in the middle. It was drizzled with a spicy tikka masala sauce rather than floating in it. It was delicious. They were out of the pork leg bolognese made with rice noodles, which I had my eye on.

My friend had the lamb shoulder tacos, which came with a giant bowl of black beans and rice.

All of it was outstanding and served hot and fresh from the kitchen. Will definitely be back.


Two new places have really caught my attention this week:

1895 Deli at Brasserie 1895
- Chron

I am a certifiable sandwich fiend and a couple of these look really good to me.

Hmm. Still haven’t made it to that acclaimed pierogi place somewhere down that way either.

King’s BierHaus - Eater Houston

I made it to King’s in Pearland only once. Getting to the Heights is no picnic for me but it’s less of a hassle than Pearville. I’ll wait until they’ve started lunch service and had a couple of weeks to iron out the kinks.

Anybody else see anything really interesting???

Ribbon Cutting for the remodeled Central Market next Wednesday, 5/17/17, 5 pm

Lengthy thread here on HAIF; the poster Twitter1 is obviously an HEB insider. Lots of pictures of the remodeling and new features plus a few of the progress on the Bellaire store, which hopefully will continue to be reported on after the CM project is finished.

I know we don’t talk about CM much here so not sure if any one uses it regularly; I have avoided it because of the construction and don’t go often, anyway.

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