Not kitchen knives, but....

I’ve been working on my free-hand Scandi grinding! Made these two field knives with Rock Maple handles (same piece of wood, but one turned out “clean” and the other turned out “rustic”), and the wide Scandi bevel makes them easy to sharpen in the field. A blend of traditional Nordic and contemporary bushcraft design, with my own ergonomic and artistic touches from my kitchen knives. They look great, and they feel even better!


Nice. Expanding your market, no? By the way, what is next? What about shaving knife and brush?

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Thanks Chem! Yes, expanding my market. :slightly_smiling_face: I took this design to several local sporting goods stores and asked the hunters for feedback. Because of what they said, I won’t make any changes to this design, but I’m going to make a new version of the same design that’s slightly longer (both blade and handle) and a new design that’s smaller overall.

A straight razor? No plans at this point. (Didn’t I say that about the sujihiki?? :smile:) But I did have a rabbi ask me about making a bris knife… :astonished: :grimacing:

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I know there is always a knowledge jump from one area of “knife” to another area of “knife”. Like you said, the feedback from the hungers is important for the field knife design. Bris knife sounds daring, man.

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