[Norway] Looking for lunch in Bergen & Stavanger

Needs to be city centre due to touristing commitments.

Do you have any idea where you will be eating? Are they the cities your cruise will stop on the way?

Yes, cruise stops. We’re OK with the other stops - we are either on excursions or they are small places and we will eat whatever we find. We have plenty of time in Bergen & Stavanger for nice lunches and, with them being larger towns, I thought there was the possibility of finding somewhere good and/or specifically Norwegian cuisine.

So where did you end up eating? We’ll be in Bergen next month. I had considered a restaurant inside an art museum (http://lysverket.no/en/) but it looks like we won’t be nearby, and it’s very pricey (of course everything seems to be expensive in Norway). We’ll be in the Bryggen area for a tour before lunch. It will likely be very busy that day, three cruise ships in town (ugh).

I’d also be interested in hearing what you did in Stavanger since we will also be there and have time for lunch after our fjord cruise.

Update: I see that you created a new thread with your review - [Bergen, Norway] Bryggelloftet & Stuene

We were in Stavanger on a Sunday and a couple of places we’d thought of were closed. So, no foody suggestions I’m afraid.

If your cruise also calls at Geiranger, we had a perfectly decent lunch at Naustkroa - it’s right on the water, so great views.