[Bergen, Norway] Bryggelloftet & Stuene

TripAdvisor turned up this place - in the right spot in the city centre and good reports.

No doubt there are better restaurants in Bergen, but this was ideally situated for us near the waterfront at Bryggen and we’d read good reports of it. We just needed a single course for lunch and it was going to be our only meal in the city.

So, for one of us, an exemplary offering of fish & chips. Now, the first recorded example of someone selling this British classic was in the town of Mossley in 1865. That’s only 20 miles or so from home so we like to think an appreciation of fish & chips is hardwired into our genes. And this is definitely good – cod cooked so it broke into big flakes, with no hint of mushiness and encased in crisp batter, proper chip sized chips not fast food fries, a pea puree (OK, that’s not traditional) and tartare sauce (neither is that).

For me, the “Baccalao Lunch”. A thick Mediterranean flavoured tomato soup, with potatoes, onions, olives and a background note of chilli. It’s topped with a small fillet of salt cod. I’m sure I must have eaten baccalao on one of our many trips to Spain but I really can’t recall it. I really liked the texture – much firmer than fresh good.

If you were stopping longer in Bergen, you’d want to go back to try some of the other menu items.

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