North Shore Breakfast/brunch? [Greater Boston area]

Preferably near Gloucester. Preferably scenic.

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And preferably one where after many responses from many people (see French/Paris ham [Greater Boston area]) we’ll possibly get feedback on what you chose?

Maybe the 1606 Restaurant at the Beauport Hotel In Gloucester would suit? Harbor view from the tables near the windows.

Though we haven’t had breakfast or brunch there, we enjoyed a few convivial Sunday late lunches with friends this past winter.

If you are a fan of local traditions, you might enjoy that the view includes the wooden platform where the Greasy Pole competition takes place during St. Peter’s Fiesta each summer. Another fun fact: The hotel sits on the site of the former Birdseye factory. Yes, that Birdseye—the one founded by Clarence Birdseye, the father of modern frozen foods.


@tomatotomato Great idea. Another thought I had was The Rudder. Despite Babs Lynch’s troubles, I’m still curious. The last meal I had in Gloucester was at Oak to Ember and it was very good. The interior is quite nice but not scenic but I think they are making full use of the outdoors dock dining area (we didn’t peek our heads out). At least they should be. So it might be scenic, but only if you like looking at a small working dock.

These would only be for a late breakfast/early lunch (I can’t use the br**** word…it’s like a curse word in my vernacular).

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+1 on Oak to Ember. One outing there for us so far and I would like to return. Except I don’t think they serve breakfast. Or that other meal beginning with b, of which you shall not speak. :laughing:

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The Rudder website has a menu posted, no prices included. Oak to Ember looks very intriguing!

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