Noodles King, Longwood, Boston


Had the #1 Noodles today. Very good noodles, very spicy, would have loved it with added pork. Will try the dan dan noodles next.


Yes, I would like a meaty version, too, or some meat side dish that you can combine with the #1 (just as Gene’s lamb skewers work very well with their #4).


Thanks for the recommendation; I had a bowl of this for lunch yesterday, and it was very satisfying. My favorite version of this dish around Boston is still the one at Sichuan Gourmet Framingham, but Noodles King’s was also very enjoyable.


Tried an order of the pork dumplings yesterday. Very good, with a nice ginger soy sauce, and I added some of their hot sauce as well. Still need to try the dandan noodles and the wonton in chili oil.