Non-stick cookware

Can anyone please recommend a good quality non-stick muffin pan? The last one I used to cook eggs in was impossible to clean (the eggs were a bit overcooked, I admit) and I had to toss it. I don’t want to use cupcake/muffin liners if at all possible. I don’t use the muffin pan very often so I don’t need a $200 top-of-the-line pan.


I absolutely love my USA pans for baking that are nonstick. They perform very well, but I also put a whisper of PAM on them too. I’ll have to get brave & skip the PAM someday. These pans can be found at BB&B or Amazon. Even at kitchen stores if you’re lucky enough to find one of those around. At Amazon the item number is 1200mf.


Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look for them at my local BBB. I have read that using PAM or any other non-stick spray on non-stick pans ruins them. I’ve stopped using spray on my saucepans and thought that may have been why my muffin pans were so problematic, as little as I actually used them.

I know you said no liner, but in the absence of spray that’s your best bet. I have sturdy silicone cups that go into my muffin tin, or you can get parchment ones for sticky things if you don’t want silicone for some reason.

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I haven’t had trouble with PAM polymerizing on the pans, but I’ve had it happen with other brands terribly.

ETA: if you do use cupcake liners I find that spraying lightly with PAM helps them release the eggy, sticky stuff. And cupcakes & muffins. Hope this helps.

I didn’t always have problems with my muffin pans, only in the last 2 batches (both eggs). I cleaned them really well and admit there was a minuscule amount of residue left (and yes the eggs were just a bit overcooked), but there was no way getting the rest of it off without scratching the surface. I had to trash both pans. I’ve read somewhere there are liners (not silicone) that are not ridged like regular ones, has anyone used them? It seems to me that buying silicone cups are redundant, no? Or is it because they don’t hold their form well enough as is?

Thanks again for all the advice. I like to make these egg muffins/frittatas instead of a big batch of scrambled eggs. They’re better for portion control and freeze really well.

Can you explain the redundancy?

I may have misunderstood the original concept but it seemed to me that putting silicone cups into the cups of a muffin pan was redundant. I’ve never used silicone bakeware so wouldn’t have thought of buying individual cups for this purpose or any other (don’t really have any reason to use them, yet). I haven’t seen/looked for a silicone muffin pan. Would that work better? Thanks.

It makes redundant the need to grease the inside of muffin tins or use paper liners. They work very well for egg muffins/frittatas.

I prefer individual cups to a connected silicone “pan” - the cups stack and are easy to store, plus you can use just a couple.

With better quality (thicker) silicone cups, you can just place them on a tray (no muffin tin), but be aware the outcome may not be perfectly uniform. I do this when I’m trying to fit a few more cups in the “gaps.”

I get what you’re saying. Silicone could be the way to go. When I make eggs, I always use a full muffin pan and then about 1/2 of a second pan. I’m not sure buying individual silicone cups would be a better “investment” vs 2 muffin tins but the storage would probably be easier.

Thanks for your input, very helpful!

I don’t think they are mutually exclusive - the silicone as liners are a worthwhile “investment” on their own - they are readily available in packs of 12 and 24 on amazon for not very much. Just be careful of the brand, the thicker ones are marginally more but much better.

I’ve decided to go with silicone muffin pans, not individual cups. Do you remember the brand you use, and would you recommend it? I’ve looked on Amazon and there are several different brands (all within close price to each other) but no reviews on any. You did say look for the thicker one but it’s a bit hard to tell for sure.