Non-Italian spaghetti and other pasta

I watch a lot of Japanese food videos on YouTube and there I was introduced to the Japanese dish ‘Napoletana’ which is basically spaghetti with ketchup. I have never had it and have no curiosity to change that any time soon.

I do not remember seeing it at the Japanese home-style cafes and coffee shops in Little Tokyo LA when we used to live right outside there in Silver Lake.


I haven’t seen that dish. There was a nice Japanese-Italian brunch spot that had been in my neighborhood, which closed 3 or 4 years ago, but I don’t remember if they had pasta.

This is neat.

From my viewing, this dish shows up at family-style restaurants and fast-food pasta places. It is also a combini staple. But that info is filtered thru TabiEats lens.

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I will park this here, since I have used many recipes from justonecookbook.

Ketchup spaghetti seems to show up in many Asian countries:

I prefer something like mentaiko spaghetti myself, but ketchup properly balanced out with other flavors isn’t an issue in terms of producing something tasty.

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That looks good.

Big fan of fideua

And the Mexican sopa seca

Favorite mentaiko spaghetti:

Some Thai pasta dishes and a Chinese one…


I just posted this in the “What’s for Dinner” thread, but since we’re collecting them: Tony Kim’s “Cacio” e Pepe

And if we’re talking ketchup spaghetti, I know Jollibee does one that is a genuine thing for some folks:

I read somewhere that the base for this is banana ketchup.

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One of my absolute favorite comfort dishes. Over the last 20 years, my PIC has perfected a recipe passed down from my mom’s ex-BF. We always use lamb shanks.

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Šporki Makaruli / Dirty Macaroni, a specialty from Dubrovnik