Nobel prize winner’s energy saving pasta cooking method

There are already many ways to save energy and water both while cooking pasta.

Here’s another to try.


My MIL has been cooking pasta this way for 50 years.

It is kind of gummy, as some of the chefs suggested it might be.

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My dad, also a physicist (albeit not a Nobel Prize winner) sent me that. I am unconvinced.

“This method, he said, saves “at least eight minutes of energy consumption” — and those minutes add up. According to Forbes, the average Italian eats over 50 pounds of pasta every year, and the average person could save around $6 in energy costs annually.”

So $6 annually? How much did this “study” cost I wonder

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Always cook pasta on the highest heat possible (without the water boiling over).

Creates the necessary “chew” (or in Taiwanese … “q-ness”) so necessary for good pasta.

Soaking pasta in hot liquid results in baby food.

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Ill stick with bringing at least some of the water to a boil in my kettle.

Tell ya what. Imma believe the Nobel guy on the science.

Tried it tonight. It works. Just normal pasta.

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I think maybe it was just a napkin-back type guestimate?