NJ storm cuisine 1/4/18

(David) #1

So, especially for the Monmouth and Ocean Co HOs, since it looks like we will get the worst of it, what are you making to eat today?

I’ve had a pot of black bean soup bubbling slowly since about 6 am. I will be making bbq shrimp later but I wish I had some sourdough to go with it and the soup. I haven’t made bread in a lot of years, and I’m not sure I have everything I need, but I may give it a shot.

Wishing all my fellow HOs affected by the storm a safe time of it.

(Junior) #2

Ha, funny you started this thread. So far the family has had “homemade” pancakes (was out of the mix and was rather surprised by how easy making them from scratch was) and a bacon and cheese omelette for myself. Before I go give the driveway the first pass with the snow blower I’m going going to try my first pot of butternut squash soup. Never made it before but somehow a nut squash found its way home with my spaghetti squash the other day.

Stay warm and stay safe my friends!


Last night I made a batch of (turkey) meat sauce…today I’ll make some ribs and turkey wings, along with my usual supply of roasted cauliflower, b sprouts, and asparagus. :slight_smile:

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #4

Leftover roast chicken today. Probably chicken vindaloo tomorrow. (Have mole chili and black bean soup in the freezer as well.)


Well the stuffed cabbages are gone so it is leftover potato soup. It’s low fat, I assure you :slight_smile:

Nothing like lots of butter, whole milk, potatoes and bacon

(David) #6

Noon update:

Huge flakes are coming down at a prodigious rate.

We found some really old dry yeast and our dough is in a warm oven to rise. Lots of luck to us, but we’ll see. The soup is good and black beany.


I’m making some pasta for lunch with sauce I had in the freezer. Dinner will likely be pan roasted chicken, sauteed kale and potatoes, maybe mashed? Snow days aren’t nearly as thrilling as an adult that still has to work! Multi-tasking at its finest over here. Currently, the baby is napping on me as I respond to emails!

(Jeff) #8

Can I request a picture of you outside in the blizzard by the grill or smoker?


I haven’t even thought about diving in to my freezer (for meals)… I could probably feed a family of six for at least a month on what I have in there! :joy:


I look at snowy days like this as an opportunity to use up pantry items. So far I’ve made a pot of lentil soup, a farro salad, and a batch of caramelized onions. But I still don’t know what we’re having for dinner.

(David) #11

Lol @BossaNova - Cajun BBQ shrimp.

(John) #12

Well we’re still a bit stocked with leftovers from NYD so the choices here are: Pork & sauerkraut w/ mashed potatoes, corned beef & cabbage w/ red potatoes, reubens, corned beef hash w/ poached eggs or gumbo w/ rice. All good blizzard fare.

(Art) #13

I started marinating some Chinese-style baby backs (Mom’s recipe… sherry, honey, crushed garlic, soy sauce), but then 5 year old started whining she was hungry. So made a quick dish of baked teriyaki chicken tenders. She ate 3 by herself! Ribs will be tomorrow night.

And my wife and two daughters are all home tomorrow too! I stayed home from work today… no sense in risking my life. I don’t even think we did any deliveries (I work for a wholesale tire distribution company).


This afternoon I made a big pot of good ol’ beef stew :yum:… great to enjoy after shoveling!

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #15

Not sure if we’re going out tomorrow. Our driveway is being cleared as I type this, but we’ll see what the weather is like. (Retirement is great.) I still think Chicken Vindaloo is the best option.


Wow, those look great seal! How did you season them?

@eleeper I’m jealous of the vindaloo. Let’s see this tasty meal :smile:


Houston checking in here. I’m a frequent lurker and sometime contributor, best of luck.

The New Jersey board is the best in my opinion.

(Tom T) #18

I had bought a pork loin roast on sale at Stop&Shop, so I cut some chops, pounded them out and breaded with 50/50 panko and regular breadcrumb. Quick fry, and the leftover tomatos and mozz from from NYE pizza went on top. Into the broiler for a quick pork parmigiana.

Thought I was buying a boneless roast, but the bones were in there. I cut around them and saved the scraps for the next ragu.

Hope everyone fared ok.

(John) #19

As far as I’m concerned the only good thing about winter is winter food.

Corned Beef Hash made with our own corned beef, poached eggs & rye toast & butter. I’m going back to bed now…

(David) #20

Delicious Orchards was our first stop after we dug out. They had fresh chanterelle mushrooms so we got shallot, peas, and garlic and enjoyed some healthy-ish food:

Please ignore the second picture :wink: