NJ storm cuisine 1/4/18


@JoeBabbitt how did you make such perfect poached eggs?

(John) #22

Eh - I’m embarrassed. I cheat - I use one of those egg poaching pans with the little cups in it. I can & sometimes do them in water with vinegar but you know - this is just simple. A tip though - put a bit of butter in the cups to melt before you put the eggs in. The cups are non-stick but the butter adds a delicious flavor.

(Junior) #23

I have one of those and I don’t consider it cheating!


Oh, cool, I’ll have to look for one of those! I love poached eggs but have given up on doing them in a pot and now do them in the microwave. Problem is, every time I think I’ve perfected the time it takes I have one explode all the microwave and much cursing and gnashing of teeth ensues.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #25

[Taken with my tablet–the colors seem a bit washed out.]


Well it still looks tasty :slight_smile:

I’ve been binging on Chinese food and these Nepalese dumplings a friend of a friend made. It’s been all Asian this cold weekend and I’ll continue the trend today I think, as I have lots of leftovers.

Some momo dumplings I’ve been snacking on

(Dan) #27

Hi all,
Just got back to NJ, long airport headaches out of LAX to EWR but expecting artic blasts, we stopped for roasted chickens, lots of bread, butter and vegetables, a few clamshell containers of blackberries and vino.

Have two pots of soup going now; chicken and beef veg.

All of your meals look great! Happy New Year.

Stay warm!


Drool! I need me some momo…

(Junior) #29

The soup of the peas! About another 30mins simmering and she’s ready!


I love this soup, it looks so good!!!
My grandmother made it when I was a kid,
haven’t had it since!!!
Made hers with smoked turkey leg, I see ham in yours … yum!

(John) #31

I got mine on the clearance rack at Macy’s years ago. $9? I think.

(Evelyn C. Leeper) #32

I wouldn’t be surprised to find one at Kohl’s either.