NJ ripoffs. This could get ugly....

Well I normally don’t like calling places out, but sometimes I want to.

Let’s hear it. I’ll start. Sea bright pizza: I went one time and never went back. 8 dollars for two slices…one grandma and one eggplant. Is it me or is that high? I could maybe see some meat slices getting up there but 4 bucks a piece for two didn’t sit well.

For what it is worth, a few of you know me. I will pay out the nose for good food. I just don’t like overpaying for stuff.

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Lunch prices (I assume they have no lunch menu) at Muang Thai in Red Bank. I walked out. LOL

They made Kunya Siam seem like a Salvation Army food pantry.

Here’s another: the “Bacon Broads” food truck, which can be seen at various food truck festivals in the state. Charged $9 for a thick piece of bacon on a stick. Was lukewarm, soggy, and fatty. I took two bites and threw it out.

I don’t know how bad this… but some places do charge more than $4 per slice. The pizza at Chelsea Market by Filiga is about $6-7 per slice (I think). Here in San Diego, there is a pizza shop in Little Italy, NaPizza, serves $4-6 pizza by slice.


Wow…I love SD but don’t eat much pizza outside nj/ny. That is a high price. Around here in NJ there are a ton of pizza places. In fact, you can have a street light and there can be 3 spots on 4 corners. Some places here will have specials on Monday or Tuesday night where you can get a whole pie for ten bucks or so.

Yeah, it is a little high, and I don’t even know why. I am guessing because it is a environmental pizza place.



Does this just include price? If not I nominate the Blu Schneeze dressing at the Pour House.

1 hour in belly + 20 minutes on seat + 10 minutes to clean under the rim = ripoff.

Just sayin we should have a microbiological section too…

Sounds high, but if it were closer to me it would be my go to stop. I like their quality a lot.

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We once ordered a scallop appetizer at Birravino. 3 scallops. $30. I was actually offended.

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I’ll get specific in a minute, but I think I can do an almost blanket nomination of all of the “high-end“ Italian restaurants in NJ.

I haven’t had it, but one example is Brando’s, which evidently charges $40ish for a veal parmesan chop. That’s INSANE. There aren’t many places where I’m willing to spend more than $25 for an entrée in general, but for that kind of Italian food? No way!

I can’t speak for the veal parm chop at Brando’s however I’m pretty sure the veal chop at Christine’s in the Atlantic Highlands is close to, if not more than $40 and I have no issues paying it. Not only is the order obscenely large, probably 16oz total, it’s just very good. I grew up in a Jersey Italian home, with gravy on Sunday and to be able to find a truly passable red sauce that wouldn’t make my grandmother roll over in her grave is a big deal, and I will pay for it. There are only two places I will eat red sauce out at, that is Christene’s and Jimmy’s in Asbury Park.

This of course is just me.


Ok here goes my round one: (I’m sure as I think about this I’m going to come up with more)

$2. 00 additional pop-overs at Ship Wreck Grill. When I"m dropping $100pp at a steak house if I want another “piece of bread” I really can’t justify paying $2.00 for it

$5.00 “bowl” of pop corn from Catch. It’s actually an appetizer on the menu. Give me a break.

Char (yep everything and anything)

$ 100 wagyu / kobe steak at Monmouth meats. (for Christ sake why didn’t anyone tell me you shouldn’t eat it like a steak…ok that’s my bad but still what a let down)

$ 4.+ Oysters anywhere, c’mon get over yourselves charging $4. an oyster!! WTF? You would think it’s an eggplant pizza at Sea Bright pizza at that price!! Ridiculous!!!

@gcaggiano I routinely pay $ 9. ± for a slab of thick bacon at steakhouses as an appetizer. Although I realize I have to take into account being served, the cost of table clothe, water, bread, butter etc. etc. Getting a limp-ish piece of bacon off a food truck, yeah not so much.

@Chemicalkinetics “Here in San Diego” what??? I thought you were here in Joisy? When did this whole San Diego thing happen? In case you were interested in learning the origins of the name of your new home city I offer you:



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How about sangria? Cheap red wine, 1/3 orange juice and a cup of fruit. BAM 30 BUCKS for a pitcher

I can’t remember paying for extra bread…especially at a place like that.

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They changed it a year or so ago, I noticed they charge for extra “pop-overs” it’s listed on the menu, their sides got smaller and prices all around went up. I like the place but I really feel like they nickle and dime you now and at that price point I don’t appreciate that feeling.

Brothers’ in Red Bank, as great as they are, charges for bread. $1.50 per basket. Granted, if you cannot afford the extra buck-fifty you shouldn’t be eating out, but to date, that is the only restaurant I have EVER been to that charges for bread.

There are a couple Mexican restaurants that charge you for extra baskets of tortilla chips, but that’s to prevent people from sitting there taking up space munching freebies all night. Though El Meson in Freehold says they charge, if you order meals like normal people, they have never charged for a second basket of chips.

Speaking of ripoffs, this thread should probably grow to encompass a good number of drink complaints. Someone mentioned Sangria. Its very hard to get a good cocktail around here. Especially with chains, they always rip you off on booze (except Bahama Breeze LOL). Sangria is mostly juice, margaritas mostly sour mix, and Mai Tai’s…forget about it. Though I am more of a liquor guy than beer/wine, I usually stick to beer when I am out. Prices are usually posted and you cannot mess around with it. Same with a gin martini straight up. Can’t do anything to that.

Ate at Dublin House a couple years back. They did not have beer prices posted. They charged me $9 for a pint of Harp. Off the Hook in Highlands, which I just reviewed, got $6.50 for a Blue Moon. Both absurd. One more than the other.

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If you want bread at 17 Summer, in Lodi, you have to pay $8.00! Granted it is a fancy homemade bread, that changes every month, but not worth the price of a small appetizer.

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What the h€!! is a “pop-over”???