Nj hot sauces, calling all nj chili heads

I did not realize we had such a variety of sauces. Have you guys tried any or have any to add? I had the mazi piri piri and I really liked that.

I’m going to bring some to Mrs P and see what she can whip up :smile:

Ps, I did have a bottle of blairs. It was ridiculous lol. I forget what I did with it.


I’m a big fan of Mazi Piri Piri…I put it in my eggs every morning! It’s probably the spiciest thing that I can eat and still enjoy.

Yeah I believe he is from your neck of the woods in AP. I want to try and sample some of these. I never knew there were so many in nj. I’m sure there are more too.

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HeartBreaking Dawn’s is really good. Their super hots (named with numbers) are quite hot, but they use fruit in many of their sauces which gives them flavor. I like the Jalepeno Pineapple on chicken and ribs, and The Green is a mild sauce that goes great with eggs.

I haven’t tried Born to Hula, but they always seem to take home awards at shows.

This might be of interest: http://www.saucetoberfest.com/

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Didn’t realize Born to Hula was a Highlands company. I received a 3 pack of theirs a while ago and have been enjoying the Guajillo Monster. Opened the seal on Surge of Sandy and it is another great one. Has a lot of kick, but a nice flavor. Reminiscent of Susies Caribbean hot sauce…but it’s been years since I’ve had that so maybe I’m misremembering. One more bottle of Harvest yet to try.

(now that I look at their website I am unsure if any of styles I mentioned are still available??)

A few years ago Drew’s had an awesome 5 course hot sauce tasting dinner featuring Born to Hula hot sauces, and he gave everyone one bottle each of the sauces featured in te dinner.


Pah! They didn’t even mention us.

Blair’s! I never knew they were from New Jersey! Why did I always think they were from California, like Dave’s Insanity?
BTW I think Blair’s After Death was the first hot sauce I ever tried that really made me feel bad for days afterward.

So this is not a NJ sauce, but it is close. Highly recommend. It is hot, but not Daves Insanity / Blair’s hot. And it has great flavor to boot. I’d argue that the insanely hot stuff tends to be all about the heat in 90% of those sauces. And while there is a time and place for that, for everyday use, NYC Hot Sauce is fantastic. http://www.nychotsauceco.com/

El, I had “born to hula” last night at local smoke. It was the cayenne version and it was outstanding! What a nicely balanced hot sauce with some mild heat. No sugar, just lime juice. I’m definitely going to get my hands on some.

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I’m glad you enjoyed it Johnny. I still have some leftover from Drew’s hot sauce dinner a few years ago (since we got 5 bottles each as part of the dinner). He really incorporated it into his dishes very well. Remind me to bring some next time I see you.

I live the Born to Hula sauces. Especially since they are in the next town over. Their Smokehaus salsa and hot sauce is my favorite. The smoky essence merged with the spice is a perfect combination. It takes my home smoked brisket to a whole new level.


Where do you buy yours locally?

Silly as it sounds, I go online or local hot sauce shows… And a few of the restaurants around here sometimes have them…

Current offerings.


Just a reminder that there is a hot sauce fest in Flemington today and tomorrow. http://www.saucetoberfest.com/