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I was a regular at Trinity & Pope because of the bartender & I loved the space , It’s killing me that I can’t remember what preceded it.

Maybe Redemption ?

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I don’t remember but I googled Redemption and this came up so it looks like @taboni is correct.


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THAT’S IT!! My aging brain thanks you!

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Lol I can’t even remember what I posted my self

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Join the club!!

Looks like the new neighborhood pest has arrived
Shake Shack has opened in Pond Road shopping Freehold Watch out when heading to Trader Joe’s it was insane there yesterday


Todays Killer Pies post on Instrangram

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, right? Although our vision fell short, we will never forget the last two and a half years and all the support and love that the community of Asbury Park showed us. It really was a hell of a killer time.

I wonder what will go in that location next.


Yup. Not a surprise, as they posted something a week or two ago saying they were temporarily closed to make some changes “in order to serve you better.” (or something like that) I have a friend who liked the place for a quick slice, but he agreed there were never more than a couple of people in there at a time. Maybe it was busier later at night.

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News flash (thanks to a friend who follows Killer Pies on IG): they just posted in their reel “Keep track of our next project @theasburynash opening August 2024” so someone is moving… to Nashville.

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I guess the power or respect of an NDA isn’t what it use to be, I am proud to announce that I have purchased Slices of Hope / Palumbo’s in Little Silver, NJ.

While it is a typical Pizza/Restaurant there will be some changes coming soon. Hopeful re-launch of the “new brand” will be at the end of summer. This is really going to help support the banquet/private dining/ Eat-tertainment projects I have been working on.

I might be able to be persuaded into hosting a Ho-Down around that time.


@NotJrvedivici Exciting news and best of luck!! Not around the corner for me, but not so far that you won’t be seeing me at some point.

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Good luck, @NotJrvedivici!

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Congratulations! So excited to pop by and see the place. And my friends who live nearby will be happy to hear there’s someone at the helm who knows what they’re doing!

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Best wishes for all your new endeavors!

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Congratulations. It will be nice to meet you (IRL) after all these years. Best wishes.

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Congratulations on your new Venture!!!

Congrats on the new gig. Will have to order soon. Can’t wait to see the updates you’ll be making. Very exciting news.
Hopefully we get some meatballs!

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Good luck