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We ate at Red Lobster for the first time in Florida, where it originated, when we were vacationing there in 1984 with our daughter (who was 4 yrs. old then). The food was actually very good. When they expanded North and opened locations in NJ, we did eat occasionally at one or two in our vicinity. But the food didn’t seem quite as good. It’s been more than 20 years since we ate at the Red Lobster on Route 18, in East Brunswick. It’s one of the locations slated for closing. Obviously, like you, not a place we will miss.

Looks like Sickle’s real estate owner is now filing for bankruptcy also

Yes, sadly that is the case in a lot of these situations. I’m sure he had PG’s on most of the debt, which you can’t escape outside of bankruptcy. One of the larger ones in the area, but the post-pandemic lockdowns have taken out a lot of small - medium - large businesses.

Back quite a while ago they did AYCE crab legs. The ads had people saying things like, “I ate ten!” “I ate twelve!” Well, IIRC, I ate something like sixteen, and gave up not because I was full, but because I was tired. They lost a boatload of money (pun intended) on that promotion even before they had their ill-fated AYCE shrimp.

This reminded me that recently Applebee’s had AYCE boneless wings or something like that. My high school age son told me a bunch of his friends went together and do that as a competition to see who can eat the most. Yeah, so i think nowadays with everyone trying to do things for their social media these AYCE promo could back fire.

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Another 225lbs+ lbs high school lineman and I went to a Sizzler for steak and AYCE shrimp. We saved the tails to keep a tally and I forget the number we were at, but let’s say 100. (this is circa 1985-ish) We ordered another plate of shrimp from our waitress and shortly thereafter a manager came out of the kitchen with our latest order of shrimp, and he dropped the check with it.

I said: " Sorry we aren’t finished yet we are here for the all you can eat shrimp-fest.
Manager replied: "That boys IS ALL the shrimp you can eat for $19.95!! (or whatever the price was at the time)

We paid and left.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

A lot of AYCE and buffets now have a time limit.

I’m hearing rumors from friends near Little Silver that Palumbo’s is up for sale… anyone know anything?

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