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Maybe I’m wrong or maybe it changed. I know there have to be certain ratios of product use (corn, etc). But I thought the source had to still come from Kentucky? Maybe I’m confusing it with something else.

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NJ Monthly mentions a new brewery opening in Colts Neck this Spring called Source Farmhouse Brewery in an historic 125 year old barn. They will feature an indoor tap room, front courtyard, a backyard biergarten, upstairs mezzanine, and rooftop terrace facing the sunset. They are kid and pet friendly.

"When it (finally) opens in April, Source Brewing in Colts Neck won’t be able to serve food (it’s not part of their license). But the self-styled farmhouse brewery from “Shark Tank” alum and Fizzics creator Philip Petracca is looking to entice your palate with some of its outside-the-box brews. As they finish their build-out, Source is also sharing pics of its beers, like the supposedly Champagne-proximate [8.1% ABV Double Brut IPA and a [cold brew-spiked Mocha Stout. The brewery has been in the works since 2017, so expect team, taps, and infrastructure (complete with Bavarian-style biergarten) ready to go when they open. Source Brewing , 300 Route 34, Colts Neck; 732-778-5184

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According to the map on their web site it’s on the same property as the Colts Neck distillery aka MuckleyEye which I reviewed here. I’ve got to assume the are affiliated, hope they are better with beer than they are Bourbon or Vodka.

Colts Neck Stillhouse aka Muckle Eye Spirits Colts Neck NJ


And I logged on to share THIS… @gcaggiano to the courtesy phone, please.
Does OUR Lidl have wine/spirits???


This Texas distillery has no mention of Kentucky.


There are many others



The Hazlet Lidl definitely does not have booze.

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Nope, no booze. But I so want to see what this is all about.