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I’m looking forward to Ada’s opening. The website has shown the LB location closed for a while now. The last time I drove by it looked like they’d made lots of progress on the space and had help wanted signs.

I was at Prime 13 in Pt Pleasant and wasn’t all that impressed but I’ll try the new location. I’ve tried everything else there at least once - and usually not that much more. That location has bad karma. The last time I was there was because the road to my house was flooded and I couldn’t get home. 2 hours of MMA in an almost empty bar.



I went to the red store today and it was decent.

25.00 for two subs and 1 house cider.

I had the Kelly: Roast beef with aged provolone and horseradish. My friend had the koller. I’d give the Koller the award of the day. The roast beef was good but the italian took the medal.

The highlight was the red ferrari that down shifted coming down the hill as we were eating…sounded light Satan passing a kidney stone.

Fyi, the Cuban is not on the menu…at least not today according to the guy at the counter.

Apparently this place does not have paper plates. I ordered and next thing I know they give me a paper bag with two wrapped sandwiches…very weird. When I asked for plates they literally said “we don’t have plates.” Yes, English is my language and it was this guy’s too lol

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Dude. You’re the hero of this site. Going above and beyond lately. That Italian looks amazing dude.
How was the bread? Looks like it’s in point. So many places around here look past that.


Thank you but I’m just a fat guy who is looking for some good food lol.

The semolina was indeed on point. The roast beef was nice and rare.

Talercios has this spot on the Italian. For the roast beef I prefer the atlantic bagels version. They have killer bread but they use more horseradish sauce and Vermont cheddar. I really like that sandwich. It is called the rousing roastbeef. They have a spot in Rumson too but I haven’t had the rousing roast beef there. I have had some good bagels in both locations.

I want to try the chili and sweet potato soup at the little red store. I honestly didn’t even look to see if they had any special soups today. Overall, I will be back and report my new findings.

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At Talercio’s now, this wrap is the size of a nerf football! Lol


That is looking way too healthy! Ha!

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It was my wife’s, this was mine! Lol


Now that is more like it!


So round two at the little red store was enjoyable…

We went in hoping to try the chili and sweet potato soup but these two items on their online menu were not on the menu today, nor was the Cubano (which they call duque, or something like that.)

I opted for the “koller” and my friend had the “red store club.” My friend spoke to the Latina lady (in spanish) behind the counter and she confirmed they no longer have a Cuban sandwich which was a disappointment.

She got a sample of the pea soup and it was really good! It didn’t have chunks of ham like my grandmother’s soup, but it had a great smoke flavor and our free sample was actually a nice serving. Kudos to the staff for the nice taster.

The Koller was again a top notch sandwich but I think I might see if they have some balsamic and evoo next time…or I will bring some. The semolina bread here is on point!

My friend’s club was great. I had some of it and the cheddar with the crisp bacon was a great combo. I can’t say the turkey was the star of the club as the other ingredients took over. The bacon was delicious, the cheddar wasn’t overwhelming but was bold, and the toasted bread rounded this sandwich out nicely…great balance. My hat is off.

Overall, I have had two good experiences here. Again, they serve everything to go. So you have to take out your food from a paper bag. Maybe you need to ask to eat it inside. I am not sure. Nonetheless, they are making some good sandwiches. A few details could be worked out but the ingredients here are quality and I would like to here some other opinions.


As usual, I question some of these (Ruth’s Chris and the Hard Rock, ferinstance), but thought I’d share anyway:

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Re newly opened restaurants:

The Kai Yang web page says: “Kai Yang features several signature Thai dishes. The new 1,100 square foot, 40+ seat space will evoke the vibrant colors and feel of a Thai street market.”

I’ve been to Thai street markets, and while the colors may be the same, their photos of the restaurant do not evoke the feel of a Thai street market. Just sayin’.


Sami’s is slated to open ON THURSDAY.
Anyone care to meet up for lunch next week and check it out?


On this list I’ve been to Kathiyawadi Kitchen, Sayreville, which I didn’t find too impressive. I’ve been meaning to check out Istanbul Kebab House in Freehold.

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If I was t go to Charlotte i would have :grin: next time.

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I’m not sure where to put this, but for any Costco members out there, they have an excellent special running through December 24th on a D’Artagnan Gourmet food lovers collection for $79.99 including tax and shipping. That is $50 off the normal price of $129.99. It includes the following:

  • Applewood-Smoked Heritage-Breed Ham (1.25 lb)
  • Spanish Serrano Sliced Ham (3 oz)
  • Applewood-Smoked Rohan Duck Breast (5 oz)
  • French Pâté de
  • Campagne, Country-Style Pâté (9 oz)
  • Artisanal Wild Boar Saucisson Sec (6 oz)
  • White Truffle Butter (3 oz)
  • Dry-Cured Beef Bresaola (3 oz)
  • Artisanal Pork Saucisson Sec (7 oz)
  • Duck Rillettes – Country-Style Duck Spread (7 oz)
  • Black Truffle Butter (3 oz)
  • Fully-Cooked, Skinless French Chestnuts (7 oz)
  • D’Artagnan Veal Demi-Glace (7 oz)
  • D’Artagnan Rendered Duck Fat (7 oz)

The below pictures are from their site. I just ordered it. This would be great for a dinner party.


Eli, that is indeed food NEWS! Thanks for sharing. :blush:

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My pleasure, Curlz!


Cross-posting…I also put this in the NJ Craft Brewery thread, but there’s a new “brewery, restaurant, arts and performance space…” that has JUST opened in Long Branch. It’s called the Whitechapel Projects (named for the Whitechapel section of London, famous for its art/culture).

Wed-Thurs 4-10
Fri-Sat 4-11
15 2nd Ave
Long Branch NJ
732 963 9218

Their website currently redirects to their Instagram page.


A friend just sent this to me, and I’m sharing mostly because I find the ‘topics’ somewhat random… best FUDGE?

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I think the biggest “miss” are the French fries. Just look at the picture and compare to P&S, The Grand Tavern, or or that matter JSBBQ on a good night.