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The forbidden chicken sandwich at Hoagitos in Belmar is slamming!

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NJ Monthly just came out with their top 30 restaurants for 2018. This list has been expanded from top 25. I have been to Cafe Panache, Common Lot, Fascino, The Frog & the Peach (many many years ago), Laurel & Sage, Lorena’s (a long time ago), Maritime Parc (a long time ago), Pluckemin Inn (a long time ago), Ryland Inn (a long time ago), Saddle River Inn, and Viaggio.

Some notable Central Jersey restaurants: Nicholas, Poached Pear Bistro, and Modine.

NJ Monthly Top 30 Restaurants 2018

(Roland) #84

I don’t see how Modine made it.


Based on what I’ve heard, I’m surprised as well. My guess is because Talula’s is involved (co-owners), and NJM looooves who they love (and whomever advertises).

(Roland) #86

I’ve given it three tries and won’t go back.

Now I have been to the Grand Tavern three times in a week, the new menu is fabtastic, at least I think so


LoL…Grand Tavern is usually my go to …however this Saturday I went to Modines after seeing the article despite previous less than enthusiastic posts on the 'Hound. I like southern food and it was a nice night to walk around Asbury so I took the family. Shared appetizers Porkbelly (crisp .good flavor skimpy portion)
Mac and cheese( ok…Jalapenos nice touch) , Scallop hush puppies( ok flavor small portion.
Shared whole fried chicken with wife, kids had melon salad and baked beans, vegan fried chicken and special pork chop. Wife had a pineapple margarita thing (meh) I had a Wahington Mule (not bad)
Overall the vibe is southern food with a fancy twist…but the food didnt seem to accomplish either.
Service was attentive and pleasant! Very loud in restaurant… acoustics more for a bank than a restaurant. Overall not a bad meal but I would have enjoyed Grand Tavern more for same cost.
Just my personal taste.


I’m MOST excited about having Ada’s within walking distance of home!

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Can’t access the article, what’s the list?


Brooklyn Square Pizza, Toms River
Big Mike’s Little Red Store, Atlantic Highlands
Prime 13 Wood Fire Grill and Bar, Brielle
502 Baking Company, Brick
The Hummus & Pita Co., Holmdel (Bellworks)
Ada’s Gojjo, Asbury Park
Brennan’s Delicatessen, Middletown

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I know Brennan’s is revered in our area but I’ve got to be honest, I’ve never been very impressed. I really tried this summer since we pass the one in Ocean on our way to the beach club, but I preferred Wegman’s wraps to Brennan’s.

I saw your post on the NJ Steak Thread so I guess that’s where the 2nd Prime 13 fit’s in, I like the brand it was just a bit expensive for a BYOB. I guess this solves that problem and is a little closer to home!


Blasphemy! Just kidding! I think there is a fairly large difference between the Oakhurst and Rumson locations. I greatly prefer the Rumson location sandwiches. I feel like the bread is different? I don’t know, but I do like their grilled eggplant/mozz sandwich while sitting on a beach.

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agree 100% - the Rumson location is head and shoulders better than the Ocean one, not even in same league. I wonder which one Middletown location will taker after, esp so close to Talcieros.

Excited for Little Red Store; that place should be a gold mine.


That roast beef and provolone is calling my name!


SO SO SO excited for the red store! I have high hopes!


So who is going to try the new red store first? To note, this place has been around a while. I think the new management took over recently. I heard Nicholas actually owns it. I forgot who told me. Maybe it was Bob?




Is it open yet? We haven’t been over in that area in at least a month.


It appears to be open. Hopefully I can get there soon.

(Mr met) #100

No cheesesteak but homemade roast beef featured in a cpl subs



Yeah I got the site to load now. The Koller is looking nice. First 3 I will try are the roast beef with provolone, the Cuban and Koller. I have a good feeling about this place.