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@JohnFox I’d like to hear your official opinion when you have a chance. Cheers!

I’d be surprised if this place can even hold a candle to the windmill but we will see. Even with their absurd prices, windmill has a following and I still pay it when I’m in the mood for the best dog around.


ThisiswhatI’msaying. :blush:

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Hi Corvette Johnny. Sorry for the late reply. I had trouble posting. Anyway I haven’t been there yet. I was invited to a tasting but was unable to attend. Two members of my group Hot Dog Nation went and gave it good reviews. Quality quarter pound all beef dog from Thumanns that is prepared on a griddle. Windmill’s dog is a beef/pork mix.


Thanks for the reply. Don’t be a stranger lol…definitely post some dog reviews and pics this season :slight_smile:


You’re right about Dennis Foy coming to Red Bank being big news…have been following him since Tarragon Tree and Summit Squire and Town Square in Chatham. Have been to D’Floret in Lambertville many times and was always blown away, no matter how many times I order the crab tian. And since we’re about to adhere to the ole adage “if you can’t beat em, join em” by moving to Monmouth County, we’ll look forward to checking out thr spot in Red Bank. The appeal of D’Floret was the intimacy, with the chef right in the middle of the action. Do you know if they’ll still be running D’Floret ? Dennis isn’t getting any younger, tough to be on the Delaware and the Navesink at the same time.


Curlz, do you have any other info on this new rb spot? I’m intrigued. I don’t know of this chef but it seems interesting and I’m wondering what kind of food they will offer :slight_smile:


Wish I did, but that was the first I’d heard… having grown up in Morris County, I can tell you that his was one of the first local chef names I knew!


From the current Red Bank Green (posted by @VikingKaj - thanks!):

Chef Dennis Foy, owner of the highly regarded d’floret restaurant in Lambertville, plans to open an eatery called Café Loret at 128 Broad Street, at the corner of Peters Place.

The plan, for 66 seats, was approved by the borough planning office without the need for variances Thursday.

In an email, Foy told Churn it’s too soon to talk about an opening date or hours of operation. The 24-seat d’floret is open for dinner only, Thursdays through Sundays.

As for the what he has in mind here, “Café Loret will be of the same caliber of restaurant that has been associated with us in all our endeavors,” Foy said. “Great food, white table cloth, flowers, correct service, no pretense.”

According to a 2013 review of d’floret in the New York Times, Foy was “the onetime lord of Tarragon Tree, the ’70s and ’80s destination restaurant in Chatham that helped give birth to the farm-to-fine-dining aesthetic.”

The Red Bank space, with an ample brick patio, has been a microcosm of Churnage of late. Sicilia Café had it for five years, closing in December, 2015, just six months after computer salesman Mark Arabajis bought the restaurant from the founding Sorriso family. Arabajis reopened the space as Global Eatery early the following year, but that business quickly failed. JJ”s Organic opened there last August, but closed in January.


Thanks. I think vk posted the article in the red bank redux thread :slight_smile:

Hopefully this is a good new spot.


Bradley Beach Lobsterfest CANCELLED

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Hahahaha yeah I saw that in the paper over the weekend, some unresolved “tax” issues with the non-profit. ((smh))


I wonder what size and type of hot dog they are using. And I wish they had a bratwurst or other interesting sausages. I could get down with that!


Coming soon to Asbury Park…anyone familiar with them?

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Nope. However if they started in Toms River (color me cynical) I don’t hold much hope, as Toms River is pretty much a vast bastion of tasteless food options. (In this one persons humble experience)

My parents had a shore house in Toms River and eventually retired to the area, there has only been one restaurant I ever considered exceptional and it was in down-town on the second floor at the corner of Main and Washington St. I “think” it called Jeffry’s. (the owners name, he ran an excellent restaurant however after about a 10 year run he developed MS and had to close due to his declining health, sadly)

Anyone remember that place? Probably going back 30 years ago, he closed at least 15 maybe 20 years ago.

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FYI: Ichiban is now open in the Holmdel Towne Center. I know they are somewhat of a chain, but I really can’t see them thriving there.

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Sorry, didn’t mean to respond it to you @NotJrvedivici

It was just a generic statement.

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Careful Greg, you are still new around here…I’m watching you. :eyes: (joke…I did try to muster up my moderation skills to remove the reply to me directly however I failed…{{sigh}}…so now you and I can have our own private back and forth conversation)

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are there any good hibachi type places around? Would like to take little ones one day. Looked like Ichiban was best of the bunch.

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I don’t think the Ichiban in Holmdel is owned by the same people as the other ones. Their web site shows no relation or mention of other locations.

I’ve personally never had a bad time getting hibachi at the Ocean location. Priced right, good quality and humongous portions.

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So I was looking at pictures on their Yelp page and noticed that the person who put up the pictures was the old manager from the Ocean location… they indeed are owned by the same people as the Ocean location, they are listed on the web site here. http://www.ichibansteakhouse.com/

Good for them, they are really doing a good job.