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Amen brother … regarding David Burke !!!

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+1 on DB :arrow_down:

Although my daughter still talks about the desserts we had the one time we went to his version of The Fromagerie.



It just so happens I was searching Open Table for a somewhere to go next Saturday and Burke’s place came up. It doesn’t appear it has its own website yet but there is a menu link in the Open Table listing. There are 811 reviews but it looks like most of those are for AMA.

I have mixed feeling about Burke so am not rushing out to try this latest endeavor.

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I just sold my house or else I might take out another mortgage so I can afford to eat at one of David Burke’s restaurants.


I noticed the sign change on Saturday. The website says that the Burke came on board Spring '17. I can walk to this place but until I hear a good word, I’ll uber to Trama’s in West End.

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If you can walk there let me ask you if you anything about the old “Cove” at Covesail Marina. I actually had a deal with the owners to take the place over, but they had complications with the liquor license and while they were sorting that out Sandy hit. They never really updated it after Sandy and last I heard the husband (Ike?) passed away.

You have any intel?

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I heard 2nd Jetty with liquor license in Sea Bright is on the market


I have no intel, but I have always wondered why a restaurant cannot be successful there after The Cove. Maybe you can grab the (alleged) liquor license from 2nd Jetty and open The Cove.


2nd Jetty didn’t offer liquor. It was BYOB but they said they’d soon have full bar. Maybe liquor license issue is why they closed.


Do you have a link for the sale of 2nd ave jetty? We went once and the food was alright, but the inside really needed some love.


I just learned from friend of chef at 2nd Jetty that they are open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. BYO.

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Liquor license included in listing



Weird that 2nd Jetty operates as BYO when license is available. I’ll send this link to my neighbor (the friend of chef).


Yeah weird to me too. Maybe they didn’t have enough cash to stock a bar?


I’m guessing it comes down to money.


People. THIS is news!!!

Dennis Foy, who has led restaurant kitchens in Bay Head and Point Pleasant Beach, Lawrenceville and Lambertville, Chatham and points east of the Hudson, plans to open a new restaurant early this summer called Cafe Loret at 128 Broad Street in Red Bank.

The chef, whose menus are marked by locally sourced ingredients handled simply and with attention to the seasons, will serve both lunch and dinner at the new restaurant in the downtown district.

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Relish Hot Dog & Sausage Co. had its grand opening in Belmar last weekend. A new gourmet hot dog place across from the Belmar post office on Main Street. They have a unique bun design that wraps around the hot dog or sausage so nothing spills out. The bun is toasted on specially designed steel spikes. Build your own or order off the combo menu. Watch out, Windmill! :wink:

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Still weird about the liquor license, that’s confusing…makes no sense any they wouldn’t utilize it?? but regarding the restaurant, the listing says the businesses have leases, so I’m sure they are not planning on going anywhere.

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This is exciting both because looking up the chef shows he had major chops and could put a really top notch landmark sort of place in town and so bc this spot seems cursed by crap as of late.