Nickel-lined copper?

I’m thinking of getting a nickle lined copper roasting pan on ebay. Is there anything different about cooking on nickle lined pans, rather than tin or s/s lined, that I need to be aware of? Any special maintenance or care? Does it clean up like s/s?

You are not allergic to nickle for sure, right?

Different about cooking? No, except you need not worry about melting the lining.

Special maintenance? Not really, but these linings are thinner than SS, and can be scratched through. I would not use metal utensils, 3M pads, or abrasive cleansers.


I don’t think so. Would I already know if I was allergic?

I was thinking about people who is allergic to nickel finding out from earrings, jewelry, …etc.

Firstly, it may not be nickel, no matter what the seller says- unless it’s written on the box. I would in general stick with used copper made in France, Belgium, Italy or England. Although there are exceptions, like ‘Soy’ from Turkey. You can develop allergies from using nickel, but I’ve really only read about it.

It’s a Himark, and the ad shows the box, but there’s no clear view of all sides of the box. I would think the seller isn’t just guessing. I’ve been in contact with the seller and the pan’s weight is 4.5 lbs and is 3/64th inch thick. Come to think of it, that’s not very thick (just over 1 mm). I’ll probably skip it.

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