Nicholas Middletown NJ


As someone who has done PR/Marketing/Customer Relations for her entire career, I have to agree with the FB poster. While Nicholas can afford to lose plenty of people, it’s stories like this that tell me (a potential customer who has never been) about their attitude–and it certainly doesn’t make me want to rush there. And it has nothing to do with football (I could care less).


Do you know who actually made the comments? I am not sure since I’m not on fb. I can’t say for sure but I don’t think it was nicholas. I could be wrong but I’m just wondering.

(hcentro) #29

It probably was Nicholas. He is a huge Giants fan. He even closes the Restaurant on the Sunday if the Giants make the Super Bowl.


That’s awesome. Good to hear. Freedom of speech: …use it while we still have it :slight_smile:

(Eat Me !) #31

Pickled oysters were very common in the 19th century. Used to be poor people’s food.

“Marinated” sounds like at least $5 more per oyster.