Nicholas Creamery Monmouth county

(David) #1

So far there are two locations of chef and entrepreneur Nicholas Harary’s growing mini empire of ice creameries. With their new quasi-partnership with Porta in AP, I thought it was time they had their own thread.

We were just at the Fair Haven location, conveniently located on River Road next to an Acme. I had the Carton Brewing Co “Nicholas Creamery Sundae”, yes, that is the name of the flavor! Whatever it was, it was darn tasty. I also had the pistachio recently as well and enjoyed it a lot.

Now I have to get back and try the ricotta flavor.

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Planning to get over there at some point this afternoon… Want me to give you a heads-up?

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Good stuff Dave. I tried a few flavors. The bourbon bacon chocolate was my favorite. This is some rich tasting ice cream. I had a small bourbon and I was pretty good. Who am I kidding, I could have had more :smile:

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(Junior) #4

I heard they had a special flavor called “dark and stormy” I’m really looking forward to trying.

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(Greg Caggiano) #5

Had their egg nog ice cream in December and thought it was the first time a specialty ice cream actually tasted like what it was supposed to.



I have been to the mountain. OMG. Really happy it’s a solid 35 mins away!!!


(D) #7

I was in Rumson a couple weeks ago and was looking for ice cream. My phone returned Crazees as the closest and that’s where we went. I wish I had known about this place.

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My IG post:

This sublime @pizzaporta ricotta and olive oil ice cream @nicholascreamery is giving me all the feels. Creamy is an understatement, and the pinch of salt + olive oil make it an unctuous treat. TG its a legit 25 mins away!
As my friend Jessica says, I think I need to be alone in a room with this for a while.



I live in Fair Haven and have been going to Crazees for years but Nicholas blows it away. No comparison



3 HOs. A flight of 6 scoops. $8.50.

L-R (top row): Brown sugar cookie dough, Verona chocolate peanut butter, and @booskerdoocoffee (OMG). L-R (bottom row): Black raspberry, peanut butter ice cream with peanut butter cups in it (OMG), and @portaasburypark ricotta.



Wait, wait, wait!!! Don’t tell me you ate ice cream with a SPORK!!! Oh, the humanity!

Wow, it all looks AMAZING!

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(Joon) #13

Ice cream was fantastic, company was even better!

@heidicooksandbakes they were definitely spoons!



I assure you no sporks were used!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

And here is the current list of flavors… Some of them change out on a weekly basis.


(Greg Caggiano) #15

OMG I almost ran into you guys there. We were planning on stopping by Thursday night but I remembered they were cash only so I kept on driving! :expressionless:



Yeah, yeah…



Following dinner at Semolina on Sat night (my go to as of late), decided to try Nicholas Creamery for the first time (thanks to @CurlzNJ for reminding me about it). Did not realize how close it is to Red Bank. Peanut butter flavor for me … killer!



The Hudson ___ one or the Valrhona choc/PB? I thought the light-colored one was spectacular, but I’m a PB freak…

ETA it’s a little TOO close to Red Bank.


(Spencer Kantor) #19

We have a long-standing family tradition of going out for ice cream on the evening of the home run derby. Though it’s a bit of a drive from Freehold we just returned from our first visit to Nicholas Creamery, Fair Haven. We enjoyed it quite a bit. Sampled four flavors; Booskerdoo Coffee Crunch, Valrhona Chocolate with brownie (don’t recall the official name), Hudson Trail (peanut butter based) and Snickerama. All were excellent with the first two being our favorites; very rich and flavorful. Despite the distance we’ll be returning. Hopefully soon.


(D) #20

Must be big baseball fans to have a tradition like that…or you just look for any excuse to have ice cream!


(Spencer Kantor) #21

Nailed it! :grinning: