Next weekend in Bellevue!

I am there in about 10 days for a conference, and looking for Thursday, Friday and Saturday dinner.

Any suggestions?

John Howie for steak?

Bis on Northwest for “Northwest cuisine”?

Yes! We love Garlic Crush for Lebanese - Middle Eastern food. Casual, and they also do lots of take-out. It would be great flor lunch. Also we love Wild Ginger, which is Pan Asian, and very good, with a nice ambience. I’ll check with DD2, and H also, since they work/worked there. Stay tuned.

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Ok, this is what they recommended: Dough Zone for dumplings; Monsoon (Vietnamese); Hokkaido Ramen; Daniel’s Broiler for steak and seafood. That’s all so far, hope you enjoy the comestibles in the PNW!


Get the beef gozleme and the kunefe, and thank me later


If you’re on an expense account then this is the perfect restaurant.

I have never felt less guilty splurging on a flight of 3 Wagyu steaks for something like 275 …

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Thank you both @Lambchop and @ipsedixit!

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Son and DIL just headed back to Istanbul a few hours ago! I’d try that ( Istanbul Cuisine, not heading to Istanbul) if I get to have lunch away from the conference…or the Dumplings…or the Vietnamese…or the Ramen :pleading_face:

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We have just reserved Wild Ginger and I think we are going with Daniel’s Broiler over John Howie 's.

Thanks again you two!

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It’s definitely a lunch / takeout place.

They (the gozleme) also hold up surprisingly well overnight in a hotel wet bar mini fridge … Ask me how I know.


You are welcome @shrinkrap! I hope you have some good meals in BV.

Love Dough Zone - kale salad and pickled green beans are faves in addition to dumplings. There’s also a Din Tai Fung in downtown Bellevue.

For culture, Bellevue Arts Museum (also downtown) usually has something interesting.


Dough Zone is solid - my face items from my order were their pan fried chive dumplings/pan fried beef cakes. I’ve been wanting to try Facing East and Xiao Chi Jie, both of which I have bookmarked but not made the trek over to Bellevue to try.


I’m going to have to figure out where to squeeze in some dumplings! 13 minute walk from Hyatt Regency Bellevue.

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You might try to get a reservation at the Herbfarm in nearby Woodinville.

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idk, that’s such a production

@shrinkrap will you have a car?

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I will not and I have conference meetings fro 8:30 to 4:30 or 5 . I’ve heard of Herb farm @kaleokahu , but I don’t think that is in the cards.

Right now we have reservations for dinner at

John Howie
Water Grill and
Wild Ginger.

…care of husband . He will have some flexibility, so I will try to enchant him with the idea of dumplings. Still time for a change or two.

Thanks all!

Cantinetta should be good if you’re in the mood for Italian.

Also Dote coffee bar on the mezzanine of Lincoln Square. They have pastries and chocolates as well.

Husband says :astonished: !

to Italian or to sweets?

if the latter, Fran’s Chocolates has a shop on Old Main St - a very good local institution since the 80’s. Bellevue Square has Royce Chocolates from Japan & a Milk Bar outlet that just opened, if you’re into that.

(and of course you’re totally welcome to visit my shop, but I’m in Georgetown, which is on the way to the airport from Seattle but a detour from Bellevue to SeaTac)


To pastries and chocolates. So cool that you have a shop nearby!

Since last night we subbed Daniel’s Broiler for John Howie.