New York Trip October

We have a trip to Astoria set at the end of October to celebrate our 35th wedding anniversary October 22. We arrive Friday October 20 and leave late afternoon October 24. Our only plan so far is tickets to Merrily We Roll Along Sunday Matinee October 22.

We are hoping for a group dinner any evening. Street fooding is always fun any day but Sunday. We are thinking about a splashy omakase at Kondo in Astoria one night of Friday or Saturday.

Let us know if you are up for joining.

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unfortunately we’ll be away, perhaps @SteveR can organize?

Dean - congrats to you and Kay on the anniversary. So far, it looks like we’ll be around during your time in NYC next month & would be available for dinner (not the splashy omakase one). Which night would be best to get a group together?

Saturday, sunday or monday work equally well. Thanks!

Just a suggestion. IMO a 35th anniversary celebration doesn’t get much better than meat pies followed by attending Sweeney Todd.

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Or seeing Soylent Green before eating a burger?

well sure, but I know dean and kay are sondheim fans and Sweeney is on bdway with josh groban.

Jim and I would be game to participate assuming the schedule works out.

We have already seen this incredible performance! We are going to check out tickets to see it again, but this short trip is for Merrily Sunday matinee. If we cot cut price tickets for STTDBOFS we would jump! But not over a dinner plan.

This is Benjamin Barker, the demon cat of Cross St. Of course, his intellectual capabilities are closer to Toby’s.


What nights work best at the moment?

And I am going! :dancer:

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Alas, I will be at the end of hosting a friend for two weeks that weekend, so plan around me! If it looks like I can make it, I’ll let you know closer to the time; hope that is okay!

As of now it looks like any of the three nights are possible for us, glad to say