New York Times suspends restaurant reviews in the suburbs...

So here we go in case you don’t get it:


Are you done here?

I’m sure everyone at the Times, and most especially Pete Wells, is devastated. Simply devastated.

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Yeah and you too apparently, since you can’t let this go.

Indeed. I’ll be crying myself to sleep.

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Gee you don’t seem that sensitive. I’m sorry if I hurt your feelings.

I try to put up a brave front.

Are you still awake?

I think so. Why do you ask?

I just wanted to make sure you weren’t crying.

You don’t think I can cry and type at the same time? You underestimate me. As usual.

Careful, that could short out the keyboard.

I have a special tarp for just these occasions.

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Well here’s a little bed time reading for you. If you can tell me how “the air is not so thick with smoke that we can’t afford to let a promising pizzeria slip away” isn’t condescending, then I would appreciate your definition…

" New Pizzeria in Williamsburg Shows Promise

By PETE WELLS DEC. 30, 2008


319 Graham Avenue (Devoe Street), Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (718) 599-8899,

The air over New York is not yet so thick with smoke from brick ovens that we can afford to let a promising new pizzeria slip away. That’s why Motorino, which opened in October in Williamsburg, is worth rooting for.

It hasn’t yet offered me a perfect meal. But it improved enough between two visits to inspire hope that Motorino will eventually launch itself into the upper strata of the city’s pizzerias. "

A sentence can’t be condescending in a vacuum - someone needs to perceive it that way. And my condescending meter is set lower than yours, I think. By which I mean I’m not overly concerned about being condescended to. It’s hard to make me feel stupid, because I’m not stupid. So whatever Pete Wells (or whoever) says is unlikely to get my back up.

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Well any time some one uses the regal “we” to refer to themselves in a review it might be a clue.

That’s a trigger for you. For me, it’s not.

Also, I’m somewhat curious about who would determine what the “upper strata of the city’s pizzerias” is?

I wasn’t aware that pizzerias were stratified. To me it’s kind of red sauce and dough.

condescension play
noun con·de·scen·sion \ˌkän-di-ˈsen(t)-shən
Popularity: Top 30% of words
Simple Definition of condescension

: the attitude or behavior of people who believe they are more intelligent or better than other people

Source: Merriam-Webster’s Learner’s Dictionary

Well, they are. But you won’t catch me weighing in, 'cause I don’t feel that strongly one way or another. I like Motorino a lot. I like Joe’s on Carmine, too. I’ve got Speedy Romeo & GGs on my list of places to try. But pizza’s not the hill I want to die on. It’s pizza, for fuck’s sake. As you say, red sauce & dough.

Well actually according to the definition, it has nothing to do with perception, it has to do with the attitude of the people writing the sentence.

“Food is a pretty good prism through which to view humanity.”

― Jonathan Gold