New users- how did you find us?

Hi everyone! To figure out how best to reach out to new users, I am doing a little survey. New users (like those who joined in the last 3 months or so) - how did you first hear about Hungry Onion?

  1. Other forums (which one?)
  2. Newspaper article (which one?)
  3. Other (please note where)


I can’t remember who. But CH posters were leaving and I begged them to take me with them. One said if they mentioned another site on CH it would be deleted, but then sent me an email. I think that’s how it happened. It was a while ago :slight_smile:.

I’m into cosplay in which I routinely dress as the character known as Shrek, the ogre. For those of you unfamiliar with Shrek, one of his favorite snacks are onions. Believing the addition of onions would add another level of authenticity to my costume, I quickly googled; “What kind of onions do Ogre’s eat”" one of the top search results was Hungry !!! Who wouldda thunk???

I honestly forget who it was but someone from the old hang out told me about it here. “Stone Soup” was it you?

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That’s who turned me on to it.

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Shrek? Wow, that’s pretty wild because honestly I just made that entire story up!!
(Stone soup?..I didnt’ know how to tag her in this post, if you do please do so.)


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I’ll alert Stone soup immediately so she can confirm her place in all this.



You just add an @ before the user name and s/he will be tagged.


@linguafood I guess it’s overkill to tag you while I’m responding to you, but I just want to make double sure you get this message!! Thank you!!


I read about other sites in CH but no names of course. Then I somehow found an article in the demise of chowhound that mentioned spinoffs by name. Here I am!


Not sure if you had a chance to see this on the thread Let's introduce ourselves and get to know one another better

believe it or not I found this board by googling “Chowhound replacement” !
It had been awhile since I’d visited the Chowhound site, after the redesign. I noticed not nearly as many postings and remembered reading awhile back that many had gone to an alternative site. My google search brought the as a top hit! I will definitely tell a friend who I believe was a Chowhounder in the past. (quoting poptart here).


Sorry to be so MIA everywhere, including here, and I owe you an email and can’t wait to make a date. Been overwhelmed a tad on various fronts and not online as much past few months.

Yes, I suspect many here got their heads up/recruitment posts and emails from me. I combed CH for those with emails in their profiles to alert them to HO, I added HO to my profile there once it became verboten to post the site name, and I also replied to those asking for info to just look at my profile.

I don’t know how many are here in total due to my outreach, but I will put my neck on the block and take the credit/blame for NotJr.

I hope to feel more like cooking again soon, too!


Wow, you may need to return to MIA status for admitting to the @NotJrvedivici invite :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Might be a few more going MIA {{cracks knuckles}} around here soon. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Cowards! No one else would be brave or stupid enough to admit it!


No-one else would be; Prouder - Have the Pleasure of - Splendidly - Achieved…just some suggestions for future posts on this subject.

Somebody here invited me by email, not sure how they got my email address but they did although I didn’t mind.

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From CH although I never joined. I’ve been reading a couple food forum sites for years but never felt inspired enough to join. Except here! I like that it’s interesting, friendly, casual and fun; unlike another forum I’ve explored. People get called out for a slight misuse at a word, or missing punctuation. Crotchety didactic pedantic scolds with sharp tongues have no room in my life. Too bad they ruin it for others. So here I am at Ho!