New Thai cafe in SF? [Mission/La Lengua]

I passed by the former Tierra Mia Cafe at 3188 Mission last week and noticed that a new occupant appears to be in the early stages of doing something out of that space. There were several large sacks of Thai sticky rice visible in the window, plus other SE Asian ingredients that I can’t remember at the moment.

Anyone know what the deal is? Is this a new restaurant/cafe opening up, or just someone using the space as a commissary kitchen?

I passed by again today; it looked pretty much the same as the last time. (The other ingredients that I couldn’t remember earlier were lots of canned coconut milk and evaporated milk - that, when paired with the large amount of sticky rice, was why I guessed that maybe this is going to be a Thai cafe/dessert place of some kind.)

Whoa, from this screen capture of a cached Google page (a job posting written in Nepali), looks like a U Dessert Story is in the works. It would be quite an addition to the neighborhood, especially since the other U Dessert Stories are open till 10pm. In the meantime, dessert options in or adjacent to La Lengua include:

  • Mitchell’s Ice Cream
  • complementary Vietnamese desserts when you don’t use a third party vendor to mediate a takeout order from Bac Lieu
  • malasadas at Outer Orbit
  • various Guatamalan treats at Universal Bakery (and [savory] pan con todo for those of us up at 6am)
  • Pan Lido’s quesadilla Salvadorenas et al.
  • Cafe St. Jorge’s sample of Silva Bakery’s Portuguese offerings
  • Shish Ke Baba had pared down their Turkish desserts earlier in the pandemic, hopefully they’re back up to speed by now
  • and a tangential shout out to Bernal Bakery, which has a pop up across from Precita Park on Friday mornings, and sells their cookies at Harvest Hills Market


Running by, I got a pic of this sign today. There was another sign with hours.