New Shake Shack at The Westchester

While I like shake shack,I can’t help but wonder why they seem to lean towards captive audience locations - cross county shopping centre, now the Westchester. What the Wesstchester REALLY should have done is to get in n out burger to open an east coast location - now that would draw people in (LOL) - I know it could never happen.

That would have been great. There is a Shake Shack on Central Avenue in Hartsdale that doesn’t fit the captive audience theory!! :slight_smile:

I know it’s not all of them, but they seem to offer both as if not sure if they can compete as “just” a restaurant.

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FYI, I posted about this back in March when I was at the mall and saw the signage.

While Shake Shack has a reputation and loyal following, other restaurants could still do well there, except for one problem - for the most part, they are underwhelming. If the Westchester wants to make the food court an actual destination, they need to find a better selection of restaurants, without bringing in even higher price points for the food.

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I miss the City Limits Diner that used to be there. It was not in the food court, though, it was stand alone.

They brought in NYC places like Whitman’s, Mighty Quinn’s, Bluestone Lane and Melt Shop. I think that whole space is too out of the way, and charging for parking discourages people from driving over for lunch during the week. At one point they were offering free parking on weekdays if you spent $15 there, not sure if they still are, and $15 is more than one person would spend (at least what I would spend).

There’s always Zodiac (now Mariposa, I think) at Neiman Marcus, assuming it survives bankruptcy.

Nah, I think I’ll skip that one. They are open - to go only. Just checked.

Whitman’s - replaced by shake shack , Mighty Quinn’s - great reviews - mediocre food and pricey, Melt Shop - the “other” Melt shop on Mamaroneck Ave. blows this one out of the water. I’d like to find good places in the Westchester. Still a good destination in winter, and a place to walk and get some exercise. Just not expecting to find anything at this point.

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