New saucepans from Brooklyn Copper Cookware

The big box arrived from Brooklyn Copper Cookware, and I just unpacked it to reveal the lovely newly released 1, 2, and 3 QT saucepans with matching lids.

These are thick and heavy copper saucepans (3 mm) lined with hand-wiped tin, and the cast iron handles are attached with copper rivets. The 3 QT saucepan has a a helper-handle. The quality is incredible, and my photos do not do them justice.

These are beautiful designs that are extremely well made, and I look forward to many years of cooking with them.

BCC has hit another home-run here, and these saucepans prove again that they are one of the leading manufacturers of copper cookware on the planet - and they are entirely made in the USA.

I should add that my only association with BCC is that of a happy repeat customer who enjoys cooking with copper cookware.


Nice look cookware and better yet, very nice specs. Don’t forget to update us later what you like and don’t like about the cookware (say a week or a month from now).

I made some beurre blanc last night in the 1 QT BCC saucepan using a matcha bamboo whisk with which to whisk in the butter, and it worked like a charm:

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Thanks for the update. Good to know the pot is working out and better yet the matcha brush works well with it.

followed y our advise
able to order a long handed Yuko Black, her husband also a chef, Australian
Very good communicator,
advised me to order the Chasen Ooaraho ( approximately 36 prongs) made by master craft Sabun Kubo. He lives a few miles from her.
She says the the black bamboo is rarer, slightly more expensive, ( a few dollars more bec the wood is more difficult too carve) but the white one will last longer unless I prefer a black one for ceremonial purpose.
I ordered an extra long handle ( 6") and so, the total chasen would be 8.5 inches to avoid wearing gloves because of heat.
The wood is aged for 3 years, will take one month to make, no chemical as opposed to the Chinese made one.
The total cost is 7000 yen shipped ( including plus a stand)
Thought you might be interested.

Just on a side note, black bamboo grows in my neighborhood here in the bay area of California. As well as several other species. And I think I remember seeing a YouTube video of the making of a whisk. Perhaps someday when I have nothing better to do, I’ll try making one.

I was told by the shop owner that they age their bamboo for 3 years .
Good Luck for being so ambitious.