New recipes website in Lithuania

We started new website for Home Cooking. Yet now website language is Lithuanian, but to future website language will be - English. Now you can use “Google translate”. Please review besite and what do you think about it? Website:


Hi and welcome to the forum. It’s always good to welcome a fellow European.

It would be helpful, to those of us who may not know about Lithuanian cooking, if you could summarise the type of that you have recipes for. Are they traditional homestyle dishes or what I suppose I could describe as “Modern Lithuanian”?


Dear Harters,

Nice to meet you. At my recipes website you can find European dishes and “old style” Lithuanian dishes. One of the best Lithuanian dishes is -
This is Zeppelin (potatoes - outside, inside - minced meat) something like that. It’s medium hard to cook, but result is fantastic :slight_smile:


Yep, I’d cook and enjoy eating that recipe.

It is, however, a lesson in not relying on Google Translate to the extent that you forget commonsense. For example, there’s a sentence about forming the dumplings. I’m sure that in Lithuanian it will be saying that if it sticks to your hands you should wet them (I’m sure because that’s what you do when dumplings stick to you). But the translation says you should urinate on them. LOL.


Hahaha :grin: :grin: :grin: FUN! Yes Google translate is not very good item… I’m thinking that my english language not very well… Maybe I’m wrong :grin:

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My friend, your English is fine. Unfortunately, I have no Lithuanian.


Ha Ha …

Your English is understandable and that is what counts.

No Lithuanian either.

Catalan, English, Spanish, Italian & gastro eno & tourism French.

Welcome to Hungry Onion.

I got that also from Google Translate, which for me just adds to the enjoyment and makes me look forward to more translations. But something was translated as “starch,” which I’d prefer to have confirmed. Flour? Any particular kind? And “blue onion” in the cucumber and radish salad?

I am intrigued! When will recipes in English will be available? Best of luck and thanks.

Hello for all,

Maybe do you have ideas, how to make more popular this website? How get more dofollow backlinks from other similar websites? Thank you!

Hi Mindaugas.

I think the starting poiint for making the website popular is in Lithuania. Make it the Number 1 Home Cooking website in the country. You know your own community better than any of us, so you will know where to advertise it. I assume that there are other foody websites, food journalists and food related social mediawhich you could approach. It’s a matter of spreading the word.