New Orleans board

Interested in getting the board started? Please register your interest here:

The purpose of this thread is to connect folks from this geo so they know 1) there is mutual interest in building up the board and 2) that if one start posting there will be others who join in at the same time, to avoid the ‘are there others here?’ syndrome.

You may say, well why not just start posting? Please do that too, but please comment your interest in this thread as well. The problem is that if interested user A post a review on the 1st. Interested User B sees the review on the 15th, doesn’t comment. Interested user C sees the review on the 30th, doesn’t comment. Users A, B, and C may all individually think that there is minimal interest in such a board.

But if users A, B, and C all express their interest in this thread and start talking around the same time, we can avoid the problem of ‘the illusion of lack of interest due to time lag in interested users coming onto the site.’

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Yes please. I recommend including surrounding parishes and the SW LA area (i.e. Lafayette and environs).

I live here, eat out a lot, and would contribute a lot!


Hi travelmad, thanks for your note! I’ll make sure the site admins see it.

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Love to see a NOLA board soon. Kinda an important food and cultural location in :us: to say the least.


That is done @travelmad478 .

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Hey thanks !


Fantastic! I’m tracking all posts :grinning:

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