New KitchenAid mini mixer

KitchenAid has launched a new 3.5 qt mini mixer for small batches and limited counter space. I’ve found very few things that were too small for the 5 quart, and like my 6 quart for professional use, but this could be useful to some, especially since it fits all attachments and has their regular motor.

At $399.00 it’s still too expensive for me to seriously consider buying one. I don’t know how much we’d use it anyway - we use an electric hand mixer and are satisfied with that. On the other hand we’re not cake bakers either.

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I got an old one, Hobart era (supposedly longer-lasting than the plastic-intensive newer models) on eBay for a quarter of the cost of a current model. I have a hard time believing that someone for whom the regular size is too pricy and/or large would find the mini a whole lot more feasible. There is very little difference.


I received one as a give away, and gave it away. Now I wish I had it back!

I tested it out on making a cake. The batter was easy and while I expected it to whine, shimmy, etc. with 3 pounds of powdered sugar added to the butter for the icing, it didn’t. If I remember correctly, the motor is in the stand, not the head.

It’s a nice little mixer with a good fit and finish and I like the nice touches of chrome (vs plastic) on the levers. And it quiet. So very quiet. Impressively quiet.

It’s weight is very manageable, was easy to move around and makes my Artisan look (and sound) like a giant in comparison.

It’s size is better suited for my needs and counter space than the Artisan I have to move to use and the Pro that has lived downstairs, unused for many years.

I’m hoping the mixer recipient (my sister) will give it back at some point. Or I may just buy one - I expect it will drop in price around the holidays much like the classic always seems to. WS and SLT offer a model with a handled bowl and a flex edge beater - good things to have IMO

The only disappointment for me was the total lack of information that came with the mixer. There was only a quick start guide and minimal information on how to use. There was no recipe book. For people like my sister who have never used a stand mixer, the recipe book would probably inspire her with ideas on use to use it more. And the trick with the dime in the bowl to adjust the beater height didn’t work with this machine. Beater height was trial and error.

Thanks for the review!