New Jersey Hot Dogs

(Wayne G. Robinson) #162

Just another way of looking at it - I always enjoyed my late lunches at Rutt’s. It was, for me, about the whole experience. The other customers, the staff, and that museum of a bar. I’d rather have eaten at Lum’s - but sadly that is no longer an option.’s


Has this been posted yet … what a disservice to National hot dog day


I was going to comment on that. I have no clue how the windmill didn’t make the cut.

(Tom T) #165

Agreed. I enjoy Rutts as well. Medium for me though, no weller/cremator thanks. The relish is worth the trip alone, but the relish along with the dog is sublime.

Add in the bar, and it’s downright regal.

Variety is the spice of life, would I want Rutts to be the only hotdog place in existence? Absolutely not, but I’m glad it’s there, calling to me, everytime I drive by.


(Eat Me !) #167

Wow, the Daily Mail feed must go out over some type of wire. Again, another TV news channel (cable) reporting this story like it’s real news.

Now that is real Journalism for you !

I’m guessing it was a slow day in Bedminster, and no tweets either.


Today is $1 hot dog day on Elizabeth Ave.

(John Fox) #169

Sorry, I don’t know who makes it for them.


Has anyone tried these? I have never seen them before. I just saw them in foodtown. If you can’t read the labels they are cheese sauce, onion sauce and chili.

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(Junior) #171

I thought Nathan’s had sautéed onions in a jar which I’ve had and liked. Never saw the frozen before but I don’t like the concept.

(Eat Me !) #172

Seems like a big fat “Eeuuuww!” to me.

I like Coney’s (Greek chili dogs) with mustard and raw onions. Or chili & cheese & raw onions.

I also like Chicago style with the tomatoes and sport peppers, green relish and raw onions.

So the more I think about it I think I like raw onions on my Dawgs.

Brownish cooked mystery onion mixtures are just gross.

I do like Nathan’s wiener though. Nice garlicky beefy taste.

(Eat Me !) #173

Gotta say that when I am in a hurry and don’t have time to make my own I really like the bean free Hormel chili in a can.

It’s hard to explain, the secret ingredient is probably crack.

I know a guy who won the chili cook-off at the Elks a couple of years ago by getting a food service can of the Hormel with beans and dumping it in his crock pot.

Didn’t add a thing. Won first place.


I have had MANY beers and hormel chili dogs in my day with my buds camping and drinking in the yard. Lol. It honestly is pretty decent, and with some splashes of franks, they really go down the hatch.

Jr, that is a fridge section, not frozen.

I like Nathan natural casing dogs a lot so I’d give these a try. 2 for 5 bucks isn’t going to break the bank.

I have to say I didn’t like the Victorias onion sauce at all. It’s expensive and I didn’t feel it at all. I do like some of their jarred sauces a lot though.


I do like gus’ onion sauce

(Junior) #176

Nothing says: “Welcome to New York” more than a dirty water dog with spicy brown mustard and sautéed mystery onions within your first steps out side Grand Central.


And some hot nuts

So I tried the Nathans cheese last night. It’s ok…not super flavorful but it definitely enhanced the dog. I like the windmill cheese :wink:

(Tom T) #179

Agreed, I like the home made cooked onions these days Gus’ does them well and Mrs. Rooney in Sea Bright come to mind. The prepared Sabrett’s, and what I imagine the Nathans you posted upthread, are too sweet for me.

(Tom T) #180

Jersey Joe’s is closing for the season at the end of the month. I do believe I will get my Italian Hot Dog fix in before that happens.

(Eat Me !) #181

Speaking of NYC Wieners:

Watch out for the “mystery” onions!

Wonder where you can get a good dog in Ossining?

(Junior) #182

Good riddance to that weiner !!