New Jersey Hot Dogs


Pretty good dog for moist cooking applications. For grill or griddle I prefer a natural casing pork and beef.sabtett

(Tom T) #184

Well, I got to Jersey Joes and I’m glad I did. Great, local, Italian Hot Dog. Now I need a nap.
Pics stink, but it’s not easy to do one handed. If you put it down it all falls apart. :smiley:

(Junior) #185

Jersey Joe’s on 37 east in Toms River? There use to be an Italian hot dog place there with a similar name years ago, don’t know if he’s still there. Those are the type of potatoes I prefer on my Italian dog!! Hopefully a few crisp ones in there for you!! Enjoy!

(Tom T) #186

No sir. Jersey Joe’s in Belford. Old place, only open seasonally, May - September. And I agree on the potatoes.

(John Fox) #187

The one on rt 37 in Toms River is JoJo’s.

(Junior) #188

Ahhhhh yes, thank you!! Are they still there? I honestly remember them from the 80’s when my parents had a shore house in Toms River.

(Jeff) #189

They are still open

(Eat Me !) #190

If you drank any water make sure you get yourself checked regularly.


A new hot dog place just opened up in Elizabeth called "Hot Doggy Dogs."
I have trouble believing it will come close to Tom or Jerry’s, though. “All dogs are 100% Beef Natural Casing Sabrett hot dogs.”

(Eat Me !) #192

Bunless Detroit Greek style Coney’s with cheese onions & yellow mustard.


That’s astounding that Jojo’s is still open. I remember when they first opened in the early 80s. I didn’t think they’d have an audience in TR.

VikingKaj: Raised on TR water. All good. Thanks for your concern!

(Junior) #194

Yes I that’s when I first remember them too back in the early 80’s. If you were from that area you might remember there was also a good hot dog place on Hooper Ave. at the current Surf Taco location. In the early 80’s that was another favorite hot dog place. Sadly even the Stewarts on Fisher and 37 has closed.


I’ve been back in Monmouth for the last 23 years. Not familiar with Hooper Ave hot dog place. (I did attend Hooper Avenue elementary school and the intermediate school right next to it.)

Haven’t nearly all of the Stewart’s closed?

I miss exactly two culinary things from TR: Obco’s donuts on Fischer Blvd and the Richie bars from Rich’s Ice Cream on Route 37.

(Junior) #196

Obco’s is still there to the best of my knowledge, I’m not familiar with Rich’s Ice Cream, we went to Mrs. Walkers on Fisher. You can still find some Stewards if you look hard enough, a few of the one’s I know that re still open are:

Pier Village Long Branch (although there has been a landlord dispute for awhile)
Rt. 33 Wall
Rt. 79 Matawan
Rt. 36 Belford (or around there)

Those are the one’s I know of off the top of my head.


Pretty sure the Stewarts on Rt. 9 Howell is open. Not sure about the one in Pt. Pleasant.

(Eat Me !) #198

I am a great fan of root beer in general and Stewart’s in particular.

Last I have checked all of the following are open in our area.

Stewart’s Drive-In
274 NJ-36, Hazlet, NJ 07730
(732) 495-5969

Stewart’s Root Beer
347 Main St, Matawan, NJ 07747
(732) 242-9791

Stewart’s Rootbeer
60 Centennial Dr, Long Branch, NJ 07740
(732) 229-0404

The latter is in Pier Village. It is not my favorite location in that area, as the original Windmill is just down the road.

I’m pretty sure there is a Stewarts on NJ 34 west of the Parkway in Wall as well.

There are few things finer in life than a chili dog and suds.


Vik what’s your fave store bought rootbeer?

Speaking of pier village, has anything gone in the Sawa spot?


@jsfein @NotJrvedivici

Both the Pt Pleasant and the Howell Stewarts were opened the last time I drove by each of them (August and last week, respectively) but I believe they are both seasonal. I’m not sure when the season ends.

(Eat Me !) #201

Bundaberg is pretty awesome but extremely expensive.

Abita is similarly expensive but just not my taste.

In the mid price range I like Stewart’s and Dad’s old fashioned.

On the budget level the Acme store brand is pretty good and at 88¢ for the 2 liter is tough to beat.

Root beers actually vary a lot and have all kinds of different flavor notes, so what I like may not hold for others.

(Jim) #202

Where is the Bunless Detroit Greek style Coney’s at? Looks good! @VikingKaj