New Jersey Hot Dogs


Did y’all see this?

N.J.'s 25 best hot dog joints, ranked


Not yet but I remember you saying they were good. Did you see the volcano dog in the link curlz posted above? I’m definitely trying one of those.

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Thanks for the heads up, re tst. On my radar for the cue. If they are smoking their dogs, I’ll give one a try. A relatively plain one :wink:


I doubt they are smoked but maybe they will be good dogs. They got the ribs right, that’s for sure.

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The one, the only: The spicy dog via Delicious Orchards!!


Wow! Who makes that for them? I assume they don’t make it there but I could be wrong. @JohnFox

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They don’t make anything there.

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Well I suggest we all stay away from Sabretts for a while:

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Beat me to the punch, I watched this on the news this morning and was going to post it.


“Minor oral injury”…I could really run with that one but I’m going to take the high road lol

How big do you think a pile of 7 million pounds of hotdogs would be? How many olympic sized pools are we talking here?

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I’m guessing it was something bigger than a mouse or rat because it made it through the grinder, and they’ve gotta have serious grinders.

Could be interesting to run a DNA test on the bone and see what they come up with.

Mazel. :star_of_david:️:star_of_david:️:star_of_david:️


I find it hard to believe they yanked millions of pounds of hotdogs because of a few complaints. I’ve definitely bitten into quite a few bone chips in my life and I don’t recall anything being recalled (not sabretts but random things.) This story seems fishy. If I had to guess, they are either ultra sensitive about the topic or there is something legit they want to bury. I can’t fathom how a few random complaints would warrant a recall of this magnitude. :confused:

Lets say the dogs cost the manufacturer 50 cents a pound to produce. That’s 3.5 million dollars. That’s quite a bit of money to pay people out with. Something isn’t adding up for me.

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My guess is someone got hurt and they are worried about a class action law suit and/or an FDA complaint was filed.

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Interesting article of the best hot dogs (locations) in America, proud to say NJ is wiener! Oooppss I mean winner!! The wiener winner!!!

While I have no arguments with the places mentioned, I am saddened that I do not see any Windmill location getting a nod. Also is it just me or if you look at all the pics of the local dogs mentioned, then look at # 56 Max’s does it not look like a worn out fried piece of shoe leather? Honestly, the picture is the least appealing one of the bunch and that has been my main complaint, price point aside, of Max’s dogs for a long, long time.

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LOL. Great play on words, Jr.!

We don’t eat hot dogs out too often. Interesting that Katz’s is #3. Though we’ve eaten there many times, we’ve never considered having their hot dog since for us, it’s all about the pastrami. A place called Dog & Bone recently opened near our NYC apartment. They have a variety of dogs. We’ve been there a few times, and the dogs we’ve tried so far have been delicious. Here’s a photo of the all-beef

<a href="Lunch Special

As for Rutt’s being the “wiener winner,” having never been, I can’t comment. But it brought to mind this 10-year-old post about Rutt’s on CH.

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Any survey that comes out with Rutts as the best hot dog in America is just plain wrong. Rutts is awful, the Ripper is just a burned hot dog with some disgusting relish concoction on top. Awful, awful, awful. The Cremator is inedible.

So I did some further digging on the source and methodology.

This “story” is reported by NBC news in New York as “news” but when you dig further you find that the original “survey” (more about this later) was published on a web site called “the Daily Meal”.

The Daily Meal website is a slick affair, with professional photos and lots of seriously written pieces. So I looked for who owns the website. Sure enough, it’s Tronc Inc, the print media division of the former Tribune corporation (publisher of the Chicago Tribune and other fish wrap for seniors.)

So we have one major media corporation (NBC) publishing on its website a ginned up survey by another major media corporation (Tribune/Tronc) as though it is news.

Could be wrong, but I think this (along with “unnamed sources”) is what people are talking about when they refer to FAKE NEWS.

Looking further at the methodology employed in the original study (unnamed experts and 150 users of the Daily Meal) it is readily apparent that the hot dog places were chosen randomly, and then displayed in a way (75 places, one at a time) to generate maximum click throughs and thus revenue for the Daily Meal website as you search for something in your state/local.

I swear, we could have generated a better and more accurate list here.

Here is the methodology used to pick the 75:

America’s 75 Best Hot Dogs
Jul 12, 2017 | 2:33 pm
Dan Myers

America’s 75 Best Hot Dogs (Slideshow)

On our quest to find America’s best hot dogs, we started by putting together a list of hot dog places that have attained a level of local renown, whether small-town or big-city. We made sure to take into account online reviews from locals as well as the restaurant’s overall reputation among those in the know, and the quality of the ingredients — namely, sourcing the franks from well-respected local producers — was also important. Hot dogs aren’t eaten in a void, so we took into account the entire experience, from driving up to the restaurant or stand to placing your order to taking that first bite.

Once we had our list of more than 200 hot dog places from across the country finalized (building on surveys from previous years’ rankings), we built them into a survey divided by region. We called on chefs, food writers, bloggers, and journalists from around the country to take the survey, and we also asked our social media followers to take the survey as well, and more than 150 respondents weighed in.

The final tally includes hot dog stands as far north as Seattle and as far south as New Orleans. You never know where a great hot dog stand will pop up; we’ve included ones as far afield as Keyser, West Virginia; Le Mars, Iowa; and Geneva-on-the-Lake, Ohio. While Chicago (arguably the best hot dog down in the country) is well-represented with 10 entrants, the sheer geographic diversity here makes it clear that there are few American foods more universally beloved than the hot dog.


Well, I’LL comment on Rutt’s. I just. DON’T. GET. IT. Was taken there years ago by a chef I used to date, and he was SO excited to go and share the experience…I have no issue with it being a dive, but I thought the ‘ripper’ was a wrinkled, tough mess! I think there’s just a ton of nostalgia for this place, but you can’t convince me that it’s a tasty hot dog! /rant

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Hear hear! Could not agree more.

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I’m further guessing that Dan Myers, Editor has never seen a Cremator, much less tried to choke one down…

I’m also thinking he could use a copy Editor, as my guess is he meant to say Chicago is arguably the best hot dog TOWN rather than the best hot dog down.


I did not like Rutts at all FWIW