New Jersey Hot Dogs

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How about Filipino hot dog spaghetti with banana ketchup?

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I was gonna say something about a set of tweezers and microscope, but then I thought better of it.



I picked up these for the first time and I’ve never even seen them. They were really tasty and they do have natural casings.


Best market carries these, are there any in NJ?

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Lol had you read the hot dog article you would have been armed with knowledge as those were in the review.

Which store had them?

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Yes, in Holmdel that I know of offhand


Oh God … you’re right, I’ve been to that store !
I did not look for them there but I happened to notice them in the Best Market in
Westchester County, NY.



Yeah one of these days I should read that article lol

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@corvette_johnny ShopRite makes their own brand which are pretty good too. Ever had them? I like the all beef. They are in the deli Dept.

All of their house made stuff really rocks. This time of year I also really like their fresh kielbasy on the grill. So good.

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Yeah I’m a fan of Shop Rites Italian sausage, almost half the price as Primo (2.99lbs vs 4.99) or other brand names and just as good. I’ll try their kielbasa next time I’m in the mood.

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ShopRite Italian Sausage is great. Except that it has no flavor.


I love the black bear dogs! They are really similar to schickhaus in my eyes. Does shoprite grind them or do they just have them labeled?

On the sausage topic, you guys need to give the breakfast sausage at sabatos a try. That stuff is tasty! I won’t even eat premio. Try these links out. I think you will really enjoy them. If anyone can find any better breakfast sausage let us know please!

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I don’t think Shoprite make the stuff in each individual store. Instead they have a central facility where they grind and smoke, and then truck it to each store. So if it is ShopRite brand they are making and smoking it themselves, not contracting it out.

The ShopRite IMO compares favorably with Black Bear, Schickhaus, Schaller + Weber etc. The hams and double smoked bacon are really good.

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I am fairly certain Dietz and Watson makes Black Bear dogs. @JohnFox can confirm.

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Yes, they do.


Apologize for the cross-post from Elizabeth thread, but went for a Shuco (Guatemalan Hot Dog) today in Elizabeth at a new cafe, Velvet Cafe.

Two hot dogs on fresh, toasted sub bread with guacamole, cabbage, and mustard. Was so good!

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So filler in a Guatamala hot dog is what, like iguana?


Possibly armadillo. They eat those down there and they spear fish for largemouth. I saw some nice bass pulled out at lake atitlan.

For any Monmouth people, I just started a thread on TST BBQ in Middletown (Leonardo section) @tomt

They have dogs on their menu.

$2 dog with or without kraut
$3 with pulled pork
3 with cheese
4 with taco meat and cheese

I’ll be trying some of these soon but I want to work my way through some BBQ first.

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Have you tried Sonny’s Dogs on 33 in Neptune (Shop Rite/Marshals) yet? You’ve got to give them a try over 40 different dog combinations with either grilled or dirty water dogs.