New Jersey Hot Dogs

(Junior) #101

The blades were replaced about 3-4 months ago to much fanfare only to literally fall off a week after installation. The contractor quickly made the repairs and reinstalled them.

(John) #102

I really like Costco hotdogs which for $1.50 are a deal. They’re really more of a brat though. However, as much as I like the dog I HATE that sickeningly sweet potato roll they put it in.

(Joon) #103

Best hot dog deal in town is the 3 for 3 at 7-11. Plus you get a lot more topping options than Costco. You used to also be able to get a 1/4lb dog + Big Gulp for 2$ but I think that deal might be gone now. Either way the dogs are good and it’s 100% beef! The only thing wrong with it is that it’s not natural casing so you don’t get that snap. :frowning:

(Junior) #104

7-11 for convenience hands down is the best hot dog around. If I had a dollar for every hot dog / frozen burrito combo I have eaten after last call throughout NJ over the years, well I would have a LOT of dollars!! Come to think of it a right of passage to being a resident of NJ has to be at least one drunken 3am 7-11 parking lot feast! (thank God they didn’t have wings and pizza during my heyday.)

(Joon) #105

There’s just something about those horrible 7-11 burritos, I think they’re magically enchanted for their tastiness to skyrocket after midnight.

We need some more tasty late night options in this area. So sad there’s such few choices.


The windmill locations in some towns are open to 3 I think…or at least two. Nothing like some chili cheese fries late night!

(Junior) #107

We should honestly plan a HO’down for this!!!

(Junior) #108

@seal for every hotdog you buy me I’ll buy you the second dog buddy!!

(David) #109

Still a bit far away. Will be back in NJ after the 4th. But hot dogs are always a good idea.

(Joon) #110

I went to the now defunct JB’s in East Hanover for an Italian dog… it was atrocious. Good lord that thing was sad. Hope Kenilworth is better.

(Junior) #111

Wow, it’s been years, like decades since I’ve had one, I think I went to the one on 22 in the Greenbrook area but they were always known to have good dogs.


Not a discussion about places where you can get hot dogs but a discussion of the dogs themselves.

(Wayne G. Robinson) #113

Interesting but woefully narrow and incomplete. The Times may as well give up any pretense of food reviews.


Did you read the article? It explains why the review is “narrow”. I would like to know which brands did not make the final cut.

(Wayne G. Robinson) #115

Maybe I just guessed that the article would be crap and saved 60 seconds of my life.

Or maybe I read it and then wondered why.


Windmill and schickhaus should have been top ten. I don’t eat hebrew national dogs at all…not my cup of tea.

Also, Nathan should have been natural casings…so much better.

(Tom T) #117

Neither are all beef, and Nathans NC is not readily available. So, while I agree with your premise it does not fit in the qualifications that the article made.


I honestly didn’t even read the article so I didn’t know all beef was a requirement. I just glanced at the contenders. What about sabretts natural casing? I think they are all beef.

(Tom T) #119

“readily available” in supermarkets was another criteria. But yeah, natural casing Nathans are among my favorites.

If you like the Schickhaus and Windmill Sabrett, you should try the beef/pork dogs from Sabatos butcher shop in the Junction (Middletown) I think they make them, but it wouldn’t surprise me if they did not. In any event they are tasty with a hint more spice than a nc Thumanns.


Yeah I dont think they make those but they are good. I’m Middletown born and raised so I’ve eaten my share of their meats over my lifetime!

I think food town still has 10 packs of Nathan NC on sale for 8 bucks…good stuff. I pretty much don’t cook any dogs at home unless NC.