New Jersey Hot Dogs


Isn’t it great? Love that place.

(Junior) #82

I want to hit there with my son today, he needs to get home from LBI first!

(Tom T) #83

Stopped by Dot and Dan for Mr. Johnny,. :smiley:

nice Sabretts with a tomatoey chili, no cinnamon etc if you don’t care for coney/texas weiner sauce. They use the Sabrett onions which I used to love, but now find too sweet. Always a nice summer stop.

eta: Atlantic HIghlands marina parking lot is the location.


Your pic inspired me to cruise over to dans just now lol


Was on Elizabeth Ave. today, and stopped by Tommy’s Italian Sausage for a dog with the works and a chili dog.

(John Fox) #86

Matt Appelbaum, former co owner of Amazing Hot Dog, opened his own place in Springfield. Called Apple’s, it is primarily a deli, but they serve hot dogs. The only place serving the legendary Syd’s dog. Syd’s was a Luncheonette serving what many, myself included, considered the best hot dog in New Jersey. A long 5 to a pound natural casing all beef frank from Best Provisions that is boiled, then grilled. Apple’s is located where the Evergreen Deli was. The sign is still there.

(John Fox) #87

An article and video for regarding hot dogs in Bergen and Passaic Counties.

(John Fox) #88

My granddaughter. Already a hot dog lover.


Inspired by your hot dog dedication, I stopped by Tommy’s Italian Sausages.

(John Fox) #90

My favorite Italian Hot Dog


Took my 9 year old grandson to Max’s on Sunday after a Show at Monmouth U. He isn’t a Hot Dog fan, but I knew that had a pretty good Shrimp Basket that he would like.

Well, times have changed. They no longer have the Shrimp. He had Chicken instead and a Milkshake. Which he was OK with.

But, the bad news is that my Hot dog just wasn’t that good. I have always preferred the Windmill if I’m in that area, but did think that Max’s was OK. It sure wasn’t this time.

We were there around 5 and the place was practically empty.

(Junior) #92

Were the hot dogs like burnt shoe leather? That was my last experience there and I would never go back, although I have always preferred the Windmill myself.


I haven’t been to maxes in many years. I think windmill is putting out the best dogs around here.

(Mr met) #94

Agree Max’s was not good on my visit there. Depressing inside and way too much m Hey for what they delivered. Not like windmill is cheap but st least the food is good there

(Wayne G. Robinson) #95

When we moved down here just before Sandy I hit the Windmill for a dog & fries. All I recall was that everything was totally unsatisfactory. Is one location better than the others?

Just for reference - I was a Rutt’s bar guy when I was up north. It was like eating in a museum.

(Junior) #96

I’ve been to the one on Rt. 70 in Brick and I didn’t like it nearly as much as I have the one in Long Branch and or Red Bank.

(Wayne G. Robinson) #97

After looking at Google maps it seems I tried the one at 586 Ocean Blvd
Long Branch. A disappointing dump in a rather horrendous location.

(Junior) #98

Wow…hahahahhahahaha that’s my favorite location!! Although I haven’t been there in a while it’s a legend in the area. Just a FYI not sure if you were aware but there is outdoor seating upstairs on the actual Windmill. Sorry you had such a disappointing experience, you definitely are going to be in the minority on this board. (I think)

(Wayne G. Robinson) #99

No - I was unaware of the upstairs seating. As I recall the ‘windmill’ was under repair when I stopped.

Minority? That’s not unusual. Obviously my mileage varied.


The Windmill lost it’s blades during a storm so maybe you were there during the repair. Sitting on top is lots of fun.