New Jersey Hot Dogs

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I just returned from Somny’s in Neptune I definitely say it’s worth a try, really liked it. See more details and pics on my post in the thread about the place.



Glad to hear your typing.

I still drive to Newark for Best’s dogs once a year. I topped out at 140 pounds in the back of my SUV for me and friends.

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I remember (as a teenager) taking the trip to the Coney Island Restaurant on Smith St. in Perth Amboy for what was a beautiful cooked ground beef chili topping as they wrapped a dozen dogs for us half lit sots from across the river (in wax paper wrap).

Good stuff. Then again, I don’t know if it’s just nostalgia or an abdication of memory.

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That just sounds really funny and totally appeals to my Korean side.

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Great thread! I was having trouble with seeing the map, but I still mourn never having gotten to Charlie’s Pool Room in Alpha, NJ - near Easton, PA. I had a chance to in 2013, and didn’t take it. Rule of thumb for me now: If the owners of a great Mom & Pop establishment are old, go before the owners pass away (like in the case of CPR) or the business closes. I’ll have to continue to hear the stories of mealies with Mrs. Fencz onion sauce and listen with regret! I hear Joe and John Fencz were great, colorful guys too!


Just google NJ Hot Dog Map and you’ll find it.

I have been to Charlie’s Pool Room twice I believe. Definitely once lol.

It’s a far drive for me… about an hour. It took me through backroads into some places I’ve never been. Curvy roads. Small country feeling towns. When you arrived at Charlie’s Pool Room it’s in a residential area. You’re not sure if that is the right place or not. It’s a house.

Inside the front there’s a cash register and some candy and a touch screen video game. Behind the wall is one table where everyone sits at. You all sit together. There’s a television and a recliner. There’s a pool table, which you cannot use as it’s littered with images. They had a guest book you could sign.

One of them plays host and talks to you while the meal was being made. I can’t remember which one. The other one cooks your meal.

They were telling me a story of their father I believe it was. He came out of war with a hand or arm missing or something and had no idea what he was going to do for work. Somehow he became a barber and cut hair. The sign is still in the window. That’s where the barber shop was in the same building just next door to Charlie’s.

I would like to contact the remaining owners to see if we could get some of the sauce canned. We don’t have to do it on a commercial scale, but I’m willing to rent a commercial kitchen space out, my Cousin is a trained chef, and we’ll crank out some sauce. We could sell it to benefit something or someone.

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I would have loved an eating experience like that. Love your CPR story and it’s making me kick myself even more! :slight_smile:

Great idea about canning the sauce. I believe one of the remaining brothers can be reached. (John?)

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Two from Jerry’s in Elzabeth. Just because johnny said he wanted pics :smiley:

Best’s dog, I believe, and one of my favorite chilis.

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Don’t get sucked into the “Just because Johny want’s” trap!! Next thing you know you’ll be eating 50 chili cheese dogs because “Johnny dared” you!!

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Lol, fair point.

And noted.


@NotJrvedivici Lol. I’m wondering if I can put down the grand tavern ribeye. I’m getting really lame lately. I used to be able to tear it up but over the last few years I have been slacking.

@tomt those look delicious! Nice pic

Has there been any ho downs at any rodizio places? Although the price has skyrocketed, the rodeio grill still gets my attention.

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It’s been years since I’ve been to rodeio grill but as you know I find Fernandez hard to beat. I would 110% support a rodizio HOdown, gotta get @joonjoon and @seal and @CurlzNJ in on it too! (that’s the official HOdown crew now)


Yeah Fernandes is top notch! I still haven’t been to 3 yet lol. I am a pretty terrible with procrastination. It’s only been like 3 years :smile:

A rodeio trip would be pretty fun I think. It’s like 31 bucks I think now if you want skirt steak included. So I’m sure Fernandes 3 is a better trip for a few extra bucks I know @CurlzNJ and @joonjoon are south of us. I believe @seal is west of us.

A Fernandes 2 trip might be cool if we took the train from red bank. It’s only a few minute cab ride once in Newark or Spain is like 50 yards away

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Count me in for Fernandes 3 if it happens



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I’m down. All you can eat steak sounds a challenge brewing as well.

Let’s make a new thread and this will be the May HODown.

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{{deep sigh}} I’ve got a feeling I’m going to regret this…oh wait I forgot my life’s mantra;


Japanese hotdog spaghetti is awesome.

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The fam did windmill long branch last night for dinner. I know it may not be the best in NJ or even the area, but damn if it isn’t satisfying. Dog with kraut, relish, pickles, and mustard, some cheese fries, and a dew. All the while sitting in top of the windmill with a view of the Atlantic if you tilt your head a bit.

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Can’t beat those cheese fries yo