New Jersey Hot Dogs


In fairness, those are FB fluff filler pieces. I’ve never known anyone to take them seriously. :slight_smile:

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Re: Hot Dog Stop on Rt. 130 - A negative for them is I saw that their hours are 7:00-3:00 only. They are missing the kids getting out of school and people heading home after work. When I go I am going to mention this to see what they say.


Where is the Hot dog stop. What is the adddress.

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Holy shit I am loving this thread.

For the hot dog experts on this thread - I have a question I’ve been wondering for the longest time: What is the official name of the onions cooked in the red/orange sauce? And does anyone know how it’s made? That stuff is like crack to me.


I think the sabretts onions get the job done. I believe the dog cart/truck guys may use them and just salt them up a little. Who knows but they are tasty. Actually they probably just buy some bulk onions but maybe a true hot dog expert can fill us in.

We need some dog pics!

My friend Liliana. Dont ask about the sticks…the DR is different down there lol.

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Who is this friend of yours and why have you been hiding her from me all my life?

Also, this might be blasphemous but I think I prefer the corn dog over hot dog. And I eat it with only ketchup.

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BTW I’m pretty sure the East Hanover Jimmy Buff’s is no longer there if you want to update the map.


If you have 7 or 8 bills laying around, we could go my man. Pm me before the weather gets too warm lol. A Dr trip would be a badass HO outing!


Well, they are on a major highway, but they’re in a bad area. There’s no kids or school around there. But yes, they definitely need to catch people out of work (like myself).

Tower Dogs in Quakerbridge Road is decent, but sometimes I don’t want a $6 hot dot. I’ll drive to Captain Paul’s in Lawrenceville instead. Great place, great guy.


Why the heck would you assume I’d ask about the sticks? You post a girl in a bikini and that’s all I see in the picture.

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I usually go with “cooked onions” :smiley:

It’s a combo of sauteed, and stewed with tomato and whatever spices you like. I find Sabretts prepared onions too sweet and mushy for me these days, I like my onions with a little body and some nice red pepper flavor in a thinnish tomato sauce.


1392 US 130 in East Windsor, NJ


Look again. The message was for joon, not you :wink:


FWIW, I had to study the pic to figure out where the sticks were too. :smiley:

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Does the 7 / 8 bills include a Lilliana of my own to ummmm…“handle” my hot dog?


Yes. you need to turn in your hot dog
Society membership.
Corn dogs are not hot dogs unless one considers a pancake wrapped around
sausage breakfast. And compound it by adding ketchup.
Oh my!
I say any way is fine as long as one enjoys it.

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Destination Dog is the only place I ever feel inclined to order one of these. And had one this past Fri nite as I caught Kotke and Keller at the State Theater.

I never have an inclination to pull over to a stand, etc when on the road. Not to be elitist or anything like that. Pizza, yes! A burger, upon careful consideration. Chinese, also the same.


The “Unlawful Waffle” at Tower Dogs in Lawrenceville is pretty good. It’s waffle batter around a hot dog. They have their hot dogs custom made for them and they’re decent size. Comes with a side of maple syrup.


By the way, I run a hot dog topping blog:

I originally was interested in hot dog meat sauce (Texas Weiner, Detroit, chili, etc) but I’ve expanded to include other toppings as well.

I only feature stuff that can be purchased online/shipped. I have reviewed some of them and hope to one day review them all.

Right now I’m over 100 entries! There’s more if you scroll to the bottom and go to page 2, 3, etc.

Eventually I may change the layout if I can find a better theme.


Yes sir! :smile: