New Jersey Hot Dogs

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Never been here, but I heard it is good

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Boardwalk mikes is decent also

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I agree about AHD. I loved this place, used to work 10 minutes away so went 2-3 times a week. I remember when they told me they were closing, sad day. Chili was great, hot dogs perfect, keep hoping that they would reopen somewhere. I tried bringing as many co-workers so they could enjoy as well. Not a healthy lunch, but everyone loved it.


I drove by Hot Dog Stop. They don’t look open. Looked empty and the lights were all off about 5PM. I work in that area.


Thanks for some of the tips. I have made adjustments to the map.


Can someone confirm Dan’s in Atlantic Highlands is still around? Is this “Dot & Dan’s”? Because Dan passed away in 2015:

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Yes, Dot and Dan’s hot dog cart was operational last season.


Rip Dan.

Yes his family still runs the operation. Man I could go for a dans chili cheese dog right now :smile:

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Thought this would go good here.


OK. I just directly asked Hot Dog Nation members to come and join you guys over on FB. We’ll see whether my call to arms fizzles or flys. :slight_smile:

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Hello. My name is John Fox. I love hot dogs. I’m constantly founder of the Facebook page Hot Dog Nation. I love hot dogs; especially Jersey hot dogs.

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Meant co-founder

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How tight are your privacy settings? I don’t see the post there.

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Great to have you here as well, John.

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Welcome John! Now you have a other venue to discuss your hottest dog passions!


Welcome aboard John!

I think this thread needs some dog pics :wink:

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I’ll try and find some, but for now here’s my guy before prom, a couple years ago :smile:


Ah yes, this young gentleman knows a good dog when he sees it. Gus’s rocks!


Glad to have you here… you know me from Roadfood.


That website is crap if you ask me.

I had relatives in Stewartsville. We used to drive out that way very often during the year. It was probably 45 minutes or an hour… whatever… I was young. We always used to pass Hot Dog Johnny’s, but never stopped, because we were always on a way to a BBQ or Christmas, etc. Such a nice setting near all those trees and the water. When I got older I went there finally. Food was bland, there was no topping, buttermilk they make themselves was disgusting.

I also rank The Hot Grill in Clifton low on my list. The dog itself was fried nicely. I hated the chili.

I gave Jersey Dog in Newton a low review on Yelp. The Texas Weiner tasted like store bought canned chili. Had I know that I wouldn’t have bought it. The falafel dog? Falafel in the shape of a dog was some of the worst falafel I’ve ever had. I could not finish it because it had a texture of uncooked dough. Dogs were cooked fine, with a little better topping execution I’d have rated them higher.

The lady behind the counter some people (myself included) was totally lifeless. Like she was just ho hum working to get by not enjoying what I am doing.