New Jersey Hot Dogs

Bundaberg is pretty awesome but extremely expensive.

Abita is similarly expensive but just not my taste.

In the mid price range I like Stewart’s and Dad’s old fashioned.

On the budget level the Acme store brand is pretty good and at 88¢ for the 2 liter is tough to beat.

Root beers actually vary a lot and have all kinds of different flavor notes, so what I like may not hold for others.

Where is the Bunless Detroit Greek style Coney’s at? Looks good! @VikingKaj

My house.

I have the recipe for the original meat sauce.

I got it from the grandmother of a Greek girlfriend from my younger days whose family used to own a Coney operation in Detroit.

Discretion prevents me from saying which.

Go Spartans !!!

A Wolverine is just a large rat on crack !

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I’ll have to try bundaberg.

Fyi, food town has Schickhaus on sale for 7.99.

I had one today…good dogs. It’s still still good dog weather out there. I’ve got my freaking ac on in October. Sigh

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I just saw a commercial for sonic. Wednesday the 6th is dollar dog day. I have only had two dogs from there and they were just ok. For a dollar they probably taste better lol

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According to a post on the Atl Highlands fb page Dan’s wife and daughter will not be carrying on the tradition any longer. :frowning: I wish them well, they were always very sweet.

The spot went out to bid twice and they received 0 bids. Anyone looking for a career change??

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Damn…sad to hear that.

Can you pm me what they are asking for it?


Off-hand I cannot remember the price, but it was reasonable. I heard from someone in town. They told me when I was bitching about my job and said, “Wanna sell hot dogs?” :smiley:

I’m assuming based on the conversation this was a concession on township land?

Yes it is right near the Marina. It’s about 50 yards past your breakfast cafe spot.

Btw, that cafe has some good breakfast. I might try to tackle that meat filled omelette soon

My understanding was the spot is rented by the season. It was a flat fee. I could say what I remember the number as but won’t for fear that I do not remember it correctly

2 for 5.00 schickhaus dogs at dutch prime foods.

My buddy got some to go. The kraut was weak and there wasn’t much but next time I will ask for extra and to get the dog well done. Unlike some of the dog carts, kraut is free.

A nice serving of onion rings is 2.00 (yes 2.00) and fries are 2.00. Both the fries and rings are good. The rings are actually really good.

So for 7 bucks you can get 2 big dogs and onion rings. At windmill this would be 15

I love the windmill but it isn’t cheap.

Dog photo before I dousted it with inglehoffer mustard


Ps…it’s grill season folks, lets get some dog pics. If you don’t have any, go buy some dogs! Lol

What type of mustard is on your menu this summer?

Gotta start some more dogs. For mustard I’m just a classic guldens brown mustard, why mess with perfection?
What dogs are people grilling these days? Again I’m basic… just a sabrett guy. Plus Pepperidge farm side split buns. Kruat and some pickle relish. Good to go.
Extra credit are some tater tots, baked beans, and sally sherman potato salad.
Throw in a Caribe beer or grapefruit shandy from a cooler full of ice and I’m good for the day

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I use Admiration deli mustard.


I’m a Max’s guy. Quarter pound Shickhaus dog on the grill is the way to go. You’ll never be disappointed. As far as condiments, whatever mustard, sweet relish and hot relish that they use are fine. And don’t forget the sauerkraut. Happy Father’s Day!

Is there another max’s besides the long branch one? They closed down a while ago

I’m into the packaged windmill dogs, sabrett and Nathans (both natural casings)

The black bear shoprite dogs are very much like schickhaus and possibly are identical (sans the labeling, but I’m not sure.) They have some good sales on those at shoprite.

As for mustard has anyone tried the beer mustard by kosciusko? It is great!

Jeff, I’ll have to give that brand a shot. I’ve never had it to my knowledge.

This is a “where can I find” question. Long story short I was a BIG fan of Lum’s and their preparation. The first ingredient is an all-beef 4-to-a-pound hot dog. All I’ve found locally (Ocean) is Hebrew National and they don’t quite fit the need.

So hotdog fans, any wisdom to pass along?

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