Beach House Pier Village Now Open (old Sawa) Long Branch NJ

The Beach House is now in the Sawa spot. I haven’t heard anything.

Website not mobile phone friendly, can barely make the menu out, but based on the catagories it doesn’t look like anything special. The Chef link just leads to a picture of the Chef, lol. The place already annoys me!! Lol (sorry)

I too was annoyed by the blank Chef page. They’ve been open since mid-September. Plenty of time to write a little bio. I now notice that the menu has a typo in their own website URL. These things tell me that they just don’t care.

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(decided this deserved it’s own thread instead of being buried in the Hot Dog thread)

The menu isn’t much better to read on a PC either. Yeah, I agree with you I’m pretty sure their online presence speaks for itself, we don’t care. From their web site:

“The Beach House @ Pier Village, Long Branch N.J. is a modern Mediterranean restaurant”

Menu Categories:

Salads (none overly Mediterranean)
Taco’s (nothing says Mediterranean more than Taco’s!!!)
Beach Bites (appetizers like wings, seafood and hummus!)

I’m going to give them Flatbreads/Pizza and Ceviche as possible Mediterranean categories. So 4 out of 6 of their menu is completely non-Mediterranean food, how do you call yourself a Mediterranean Restaurant?

Yeah this place pisses me off without ever even stepping foot in it. Too bad @VikingKaj is no longer here, this proves his theory.


People will just flock to this place with that location. I honestly believe owners know they can put out mediocre food, at best, and charge a lot of money for it knowing they have the location.

This is why I love newark. It’s not a tourist trap and the best food spots get the best business.


I’m sure you are correct, but at least fake like you’re trying. That’s why I will still go to Avenue, not because I think it’s good or there is any value to be had there, but because at least they make you think they are trying. The place is beautiful, service is generally very good and they put on a good front of trying to be a good restaurant. I can at least respect you if you are good at lying to my face.

A place like this though, they straight out piss on your leg while looking you in the eye while saying; “Hey it’s raining”.

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