New Great British Baking Show coming on Netflix

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We lost interest in this after about three episodes of the first series and havent seen any of the more recent series. I suppose it’s really that the level of craft skill here is so high that we found it impossible to relate to.


I find watching really skilled people do their work fascinating, even if I have no personal talent (or even interest) in that activity. And, in the case of baking or cooking shows, sometimes a little turn or technique they offhandedly use might be useful, even if my creations will never be Michelin starred or feature in a patisserie window.

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And you’re obviously not alone. They’re now on series 7 so it must be popular enough to keep getting remade. That said, viewing numbers in the UK are on a steady decline - averaged around 4 million for series 1, down to about 1.7 million for series 7.

I just watched the trailer, and I doubt if I’m going to watch. The things produced look so far from actual food and my baking ability, like @Harters, I really can’t relate. I was also so turned off by last season - content, stereotyping, Paul Hollywood (ick) and Matt Lucas (ick), etc. that I think I’m permanently off the watch list. There - guess I just made my decision!

There’s SEVEN series of GBBO-Professionals?! And this is the first we’re hearing of it, stateside?!

Unless you’re talking about the original GBBO series, in which case, I can easily attribute the ratings decline to: 1) loss of Mel, Sue, Mary and the move off BBC. 2) The worsening of the writing for the hosts. Neil and Sandy were ok. Neil and Matt are… not great. 3) Paul. Fucking. Hollywood. He grows more smug with each season, and I suspect he’s now much more of a celebrity than chef or baker. The way he gives out his handshakes as if he’s recognizing the reincarnated Dali Lama has made him one of the more punchable faces on TV.


Good one - I feel the same way!

As with most things, the Germans already have a precise word for this quality:

Backpfeifengesicht - “A face in need of a fist”



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Well, there’s no Paul Hollywood and no Matt Lucas, so I’ll certainly give it a whirl.

Hollywood’s onscreen persona is obviously well scripted, including the “cachet” of the handshake. On the other hand, Mrs Harters, who is the baker of the couple, regularly refers to his “Bread” and “How to Bake” books. They are straightforward to folllow and always work.

Matt Lucas has now left the programme and I’ll miss him. I never liked his characters from early in his career - “George Dawes” from the late 1990s or the various offerings from the “Little Britain” series (I’m sure comedy can be very generational and this just wasnt mine). But, I’ve enjoyed him on Bake Off and think he’s worked well with Noel. His replacement hasnt been announced yet and there’s lots of gossip about who it might be. Of those being mentioned, my vote would be for comedian Shappi Khorsandi, so I could lust after her as well as the cakes. But my bet would be on another comedian - Tom Allen, who appears on the Friday night “Bake Off - Extra Slice”.


finally got around to watching the first ep of this. @Harters - I can see your earlier point about some of the work being kinda unrelatable. At the same time, though I’d never do it, I find sugar work fascinating. Sort of like low-key glass blowing.

If I had to criticize something, it would be the judges. While I won’t doubt their credentials (I’m unfamiliar with either of them, so what would I know?) I find them awkward and unappealing on camera. But that’s just first impressions. I might warm to them over the season.

It DOES make me wish I had the time/equipment/$$ to get good at doing chocolate. I’d love to make fancy truffles. But I can only imagine how expensive practicing is…

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I don’t mind PH for whatever reason, although yes, he is a smug one. But Matt Lucas? TG he is leaving. I can’t deal with him. His humor is awful and I can’t look at him without thinking he is a human boudin blanc. He looks like the inside of something and it gives me the willies.

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Bald white man, shaving his eyebrows too. What gives?

I’m not a fan of his either, but I think he has alopecia so he probably doesn’t have eyebrows.


correct (apparently it’s mentioned in his book, which I didn’t know about and won’t read, but there you go)

Oh. Slightly ashamed of myself then. I still don’t like him.

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Wasn’t trying to make you feel bad. I don’t like him either! :grinning: